Sorbet jump rope dress

I’ve been thinking about making an Oliver+S jump rope dress for a long time.  I bought the pattern a while ago and just realized that E was about to size out of the range.  So I cut out a size 3 with two extra inches of length, hoping it would fit.  I decided on the simpler View B for my first try at the pattern.  The main fabric is Kaufman interweave chambray in sorbet.  The floral print is a lovely Kaufman lawn from the second London Calling line.

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville1

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville4

I was nervous to sew the placket, never having made one before.  I reviewed the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew for reassurance, but the instructions were very clear.  I wish I’d bought better-matching thread (and changed the bobbin thread to match) but other than that, it went together so nicely.  Turns out setting in the sleeves was the most challenging part.  I had to pull them out and redo sections more times than I care to admit.  I’ve never had that problem with sleeves before, so I’ll blame being somewhat sleep deprived these days. And next time I’ll also use french seams to give the inside a nicer finish.

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville3 Jump rope dress : Lizzieville5

The details on this pattern are great.  I love the nice finish of the placket and the little pockets.  I’d actually sewn the pockets once before, added to a dress here (E looks so young!).  She seemed to be happy with this dress and was particularly pleased that it matched her purple crocs.

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville2

I wish I’d sewn this dress sooner because I love this pattern.  I plan to sew View A this spring.  For those who’ve sewn both, any thoughts on the how they compare for fit?  I was planning to sew a size 3T again with added length, but I’m worried that the construction is different enough that it may not fit.  This took a bit of care getting on (arms in first, unbutton the placket), but feels roomy enough once on.  Any advice is welcome.

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville6

I’m still trying to figure out the best place to take pictures inside.  Today we tried our bedroom and E thoroughly enjoyed standing on mom and dad’s bed for some picture fun.  This almost four year old bring us so much joy.

Jump rope dress : Lizzieville8 Jump rope dress : Lizzieville7


17 thoughts on “Sorbet jump rope dress

  1. it looks beautiful! i just love this dress. so pretty with the chambray and the little floral print. so View A does run a bit more narrow in the bodice. same deal – it’s a little tricky to get on, but once it’s on the fit is just fine. i sewed the 3 for lila when she was 3.5 and she’s pretty average in size – it fit well for a good while (though she only wore it 3 or 4 times, sob sob). anyway, if E’s measurements are within the size range for the 3 i think you’ll be fine. i can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • Thanks, Gail! Your jump rope dresses were a huge inspiration. It’s been a while since I took E’s measurements so that would probably be a good first step to answering my sizing question. I’m guessing E won’t wear the view a dress a ton either, but it is just so sweet it’s hard to resist!

  2. I absolutely agree, it can be a wee bit tricky to get on (my son nicknamed it the ‘Child Abuse’ dress when he used to dress his baby sister) but its so lovely once on.

    If you size up, you have the advantage of several years wear. I made size 8’s as school uniforms for my middle girl when she was 6 (with a large hem )and she is still wearing them (with the hem let down) at age 10.

    I do like your version. Very pretty.

    • Thanks Nicole! Nice to know that it’s a squeeze getting this on for others. And that is fabulous to get four years of wear for a dress! I’ll have to keep that in mind for lengthening the hem.

  3. I love it!!!!! The dress and E are extra adorable! Maybe seeing your dress will be the inspiration to finish the one I am working on. I really love the fabrics you chose and the buttons. I have not gotten to the sleeves yet (or even sewn the collar on the dress) so thank you for the warning. And maybe I’ll do french seams at your suggestion 🙂

    • Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on this pattern! I look forward to seeing your version! I ended up using covered buttons because I loved the fabric so much and, as usual, I forget to buy other buttons in advance.

  4. My oldest is growing out of the smallest oliver as s sdize ranges too do I also feel the need to sew them all up NOW! 🙂
    This dress is fantastic! I love the simple fabric that you chose with the floral details. So pretty!

    • Ha- glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this pressure! I ambitiously bought a bunch of O+S paper patterns last year in the small size. We shall see how many I can sew in the next year. I look forward to seeing your projects as well!

  5. So pretty! I love your choice of fabrics. This is on my list of sews for Maggie one day – I especially love how it looks on the older girls, so I think you should just get the next size up! It’s such a classic girlish but not babyish look.

    • Thanks Inder- and I look forward to seeing Maggie in her jump rope dress some day! You make a good point. This dress does look great on older girls. E wore it to preschool with leggings and it worked well as a tunic-style top (even with the added inches it’s none too long). Oh the possibilities!

  6. So pretty! The placket and pocket detail is impeccable – and the floral fabric is such a nice choice. My Tarikua would go nuts for this color! Lovely all around.

    • Thanks, Rachel! It didn’t realize it until now, but I think I was drawn to this fabric and combination because it reminds me of spring. I’m ready for spring and loving all the flowers, green grass, and other signs of the changing season around here.

  7. Love this pattern!
    Your version is adorable and the fit is perfect on her – we have the same issue here with this dress: it’s not easy to get in, but after it is on, the fit is perfect 🙂

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