Thoughts on knitting

For my mother’s birthday, I decided to have another try at the honey cowl pattern.  I altered the pattern a bit (Ravelry notes here).

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville9

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville10

I wanted a longer cowl that could be wrapped around twice.  This ended up a bit too short and I don’t like how I join in the round or weave in my ends.  I also knit some doll clothes (should be sharing these soon) that had issues.  All in all, I am feeling a bit frustrated with knitting.  With sewing, I usually have some sense of what went wrong with any given project and how to fix it.  With knitting the patterns can be a bit vague and you often don’t know the issues until the very end.  By then you’ve  wasted many hours on something that just doesn’t work.

I was able to salvage this project by undoing my first bind off and redoing it with a stretchier sewn bind off.  I’m not sure how much of my frustration with knitting is about knitting, and how much comes from the fact that I’ve been knitting for about two years and sewing since childhood.  Perhaps I just need to find my knitting equivalent to Liesl Gibson and Oliver + S.  I need patterns that describe things in a bit more detail and guide me through new techniques, including the why.

Because when I see O dressed in knits and looking so snuggly I want to keep at it.

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville1Back tomorrow with some doll clothes, I hope.  And if anyone has suggestions on great knitting designers/teachers/patterns, I’d love ideas!


14 thoughts on “Thoughts on knitting

  1. Elizabeth, yes! Stay with it! I know what you mean though, I wish that there was a better way to demystify the patterns… That little suit is to die for – is it the baby surprise jacket?

    • Thanks, Brienne! I will keep at it- and your knits are a great source of inspiration these days! And I meant to mention O’s little sweater. It is a baby surprise jacket, knit by his grandmother. You have a good eye!

  2. I hear you! I’m teaching myself to knit and am finding it much harder to pick up than sewing. Your end results are gorgeous though.

    • Thank you! They are mostly functional but definitely beautiful upon close examination. And it is nice to know that others find it more challenging than sewing. Good luck with your projects!

  3. I don’t knit, but I am in owe of people who do. I love seeing your beautifully knitted things 🙂 My mum is a brilliant knitter, but I just can’t do it. Maybe Liesl should take up knitting…

    • Thank you, Jenya! Mothers who knit are fantastic! And if Liesl started producing knitting patterns I would be thrilled! I think I need knitting patterns with more pictures, detailed explanation of terms, and those great little “hints” sections she always includes.

  4. If it is any consolation, you are not alone. I am currently casting on sleeves for a cardigan and there is the ugliest hole ever in the start of my cast on. I wish I knew how to fix it but haven’t a clue.
    This cowl is gorgeous and makes a lovely gift!

    • Thanks, Katy! I’m sorry about the hole …. but nice to know that others have the same issues! And once those holes appear, or stitches are too lose, or funny jogs appear, I have no idea what to do either. Ah well, maybe with enough time and projects and reading I’ll figure it out.

  5. I can’t stand how cute your boy is in his knits. Wow! I actually had given up knitting a while back (after not doing for it for very long) because I was so frustrated and couldn’t figure out things on my own. And I do feel more heart broken when something I knit didn’t come out right as opposed to sewn because like you said more time is invested. I can’t think of recommendations for good descriptive patterns. Taking classes has been very helpful for me.

    • Thanks, Christine! E always claims to be too hot and so she doesn’t get as much use out of her sweaters, hats, vests, and other knits. I’m focusing on knitting for O, since he doesn’t have as many opinions 🙂 I do think you’re right, that knitting classes are the way to go. I’ll have to start searching out some good options.

  6. I love the way the cowl turned out! I tend to look up a lot of stuff on and when I’m in the middle of something tricky. And techknitter, but she’s still too smart for me most of the time. I can’t think of any designers that are particularly good at explaining things in the pattern, but I’ll keep thinking.

    • I should try techknitter again (last time she was too smart for me, too) and look up some of my other problems, rather than just trying to do things the same way and hope that they miraculously turn out better! Thanks, Kirsten!

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