Knitting for Thelma

E turned four last week and I can hardly believe it.  For one of her gifts I knit a few doll clothes.  I’ve been meaning to do this since Christmas, when E got a new doll.  She named her Thelma (which you may recall was her choice for O’s name, had he been a girl).

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville8

To continue yesterday’s theme of knitting frustration, I kept running out of yarn on these projects and there are some mysterious holes.  I was using up leftover yarn and am apparently bad at estimation.  Hence these tricolor overalls:

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville7

Apart from running out of yarn twice, these were so fun to make and they came together quite easily.  They remind me of O’s longies, although the construction was totally different.  O might need knit overalls at some point in his babyhood.  I also made a little stripey dress.  This is a great pattern but I’d forgotten how slow knitting with fingering weight yarn can be.  Next time I’d probably use sport or DK weight.  Monkey is modeling because there wasn’t quite enough yarn left to make a Thelma-sized dress.  But it was nice to finally use up this yarn, after making a snake, hat, bootees, and a bear.

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville6

And not for her birthday, but I’d previously modified a baby hat pattern for this little pink hat:

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville5

O loves Thelma.  E won’t let him touch her, but sometimes when she’s napping he likes to poke at her face and talk to her.

After her birthday, E lined up some of her favorite friends  in their handmade clothes.  By chance, E’s grandmother used the exact same stripey doll dress pattern to make her the dress on the left.  It is quite expertly done, as she’s a fabulous knitter.

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville2

E loves her animals and dolls.  They get dressed up, packed around, and are the characters in all kinds of crazy imaginative games.  Here they are, off to the zoo:

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville3

Birthday knitting : Lizzieville4

I love her look of determination.

**And, thank you for all your kind encouragement and sharing of knitting frustration on my last post!**


11 thoughts on “Knitting for Thelma

  1. How adorable!!! I’ve been wanting to knit for the dolls and animals around here. I think I probably not a good estimator myself. I am often afraid of running out of yarn. I may get a scale.

    • Thanks Christine! I’ve been inspired by all the knitting you’ve been doing lately. I used a scale for the cowl (to figure out when to switch from the main pattern to the edge rows) and it was helpful. I’ll have to use it more and get better at making gauge swatches… I think that’s one of my main problems.

  2. i love all the knitted doll clothes! and kids who love their dolls 🙂 E and Lila must have birthdays very close together, hers was last week, too!

    • Thanks, Gail! Her dolls and animals are certainly well loved. And hooray for spring birthdays! There’s something wonderful about this time of year. I remember bringing E home from the hospital to a yard full of spring flowers blooming. And happy birthday to Lila- 5 already!!

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