Birthday backpack

For a birthday gift, I made E the backpack from the book Little Things To Sew.  Her current backpack was a bit small for all her preschool things.

LTTS backpack : Lizzieville3

The pattern was easy and fun to put together.  As expected from Oliver + S, everything matches up nicely and the finishes are great.  The exterior is Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen in black.  The yellow pockets are some kind of linen blend, and I was barely able to cut the interior from scraps of the Kaffe Fassett fabric I used in last summer’s geranium tunic.  You can’t really tell in the pictures but the topstitching is all in bright pink.

LTTS backpack : Lizzieville1

Since my fabrics weren’t as substantial as those called for in the instructions, I added a layer of fusible fleece to the main exterior pieces.  I wish I’d also added a layer of fleece or batting to bulk up the hanging strap and the shoulder straps.

LTTS backpack : Lizzieville2

This pattern is easy to follow, relatively quick to make, and creates a cute little backpack.  I’d say it’s best for short trips and playtime, as it’s quite small.  This barely fits E’s water bottle, lunchbox, and a change of clothes.  Perhaps I’ll just have to make another one some day and play around with the sizing a bit.

LTTS backpack : Lizzieville5 LTTS backpack : Lizzieville4

And, this project takes me one step closer to meeting the Cover To Cover Challenge that Lightening McStitch is hosting over at Bartacks and Singletrack.  I believe I now have six projects completed from this book.  I doubt I’ll get more than a few other accomplished, but this is a fun challenge to get me moving.  Do you have any favorites from this book I should try next?


15 thoughts on “Birthday backpack

    • Thanks, Rachel! It does feel like an accomplishment. Noodlehead’s bags are also great and I’m excited to make a few more of those this spring. This backpack turned out quite cute although for whatever reason it won’t stay on E’s shoulders. She spent the entire walk to preschool hiking it back up into place. But she loves it, so oh well!

  1. Love it! Just the other day I have been thinking about making a backpack for LM to take to childcare. This might actually be perfect size for her… I am not sure if I want to buy a book for just one pattern though, but you have already used six… so maybe?

    • This would be the perfect size for daycare, I’d imagine. I’m not sure how expensive this book is in Australia, but for me it came to around $20 for lots of the patterns are very usable for kids up to 10ish and many that make great gifts. I know that Made By Rae also has a stand-alone backpack pattern that you could download.

      • Thanks for the link to upsizing the backpack- I’ll definitely refer to that if I have a second go at the pattern. For now, I’m moving on to the juggling balls, bib, and red riding hood cape. You’ve got me motivated!

  2. Aw, it’s so sweet! I used Made By Rae’s toddler backpack pattern to make a backpack for Joe a couple years ago, and he has used it for every day of preschool since! (She includes instructions for sizing it up for school-age, too.) In fact, I need to repair it – a strap broke. A sure sign of a well-loved mama-made item!

  3. I thought I left a comment here earlier but I don’t see it. I love the back pack and the fabrics you used. I made this for Luke for school but it is too small. I still have him use it because it is so cute. I’ll have to make Stella one for the fall but I’ll have to make it bigger so it can fit her papers. I am doing the bear carrier now. Well I haven’t worked on it since last week but I hope to get back to it on Friday. I really want to do the puppet show curtain too.

    • Hmm… maybe WordPress ate it somehow. Sorry! And I agree- it is a tiny backpack! Super cute, but tiny. I might try Rae’s pattern like Inder suggested above. I look forward to seeing the bear carrier- it’s such a cute pattern. E’s grandmother made one for her a while ago and it’s quite cute. I wonder if the puppet show curtain would get any use around here…. have to think about that one.

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