A sally dress

I’ve admired the Sally Dress pattern by Very Shannon since its release.  I was happy to finally give the pattern a try and make E a sweet little dress.

Sally dress : Lizzieville1

Using E’s measurements I decided on the 3T bodice.  I appreciate that there are only two pages to print for this pattern.  You print one page for the bodice and one for the sleeves (I used the elbow length option).  The skirt and pocket dimensions are given so you can cut the appropriate sized rectangles.  I used the 3T pocket size and cut the skirt panels at 18×40 inches.  This added some length and quite a bit of fullness to the recommended size.

Sally dress : Lizzieville1

When I decided to make this dress I realized that I have few cuts of fabric bigger than a yard.  In the past I’ve bought a yard when I saw an interesting fabric but had no immediate plans for use.  I think I’ll need to start buying longer cuts now.  This dress took about 1.5 yards and is fabric from my grandmother.  She probably bought it 20+ years ago to be the backing of a quilt.  It is decidedly stiff (perhaps crisp sounds nicer?) which is usually not great for clothes but fit this dress nicely.  I love the vintage feel to this pattern and the fun lines.  The little triangles at the neck are especially lovely and unique, as are the large at-hem pockets.

Sally dress : Lizzieville4

The dress went together quite well and I enjoyed the process.  The directions for the pattern are quite detailed.  So detailed, in fact, that I often was second guessing myself.  As in, I’m just supposed to be sewing the shoulder seams together, right??  I did appreciate the clear directions for the sleeves, as I’d never put sleeves in a lined bodice before.

Sally dress : Lizzieville3

I really like the fullness of the skirt and the bodice fits well.  E really liked the pockets but was sad that they’re low enough on the dress that she has to hike the dress up a bit to get her hands in them very far.

Sally dress : Lizzieville6

The shape of this dress really inspired E to dance around.  And I’m not sure if it’s because of the extra width to the skirt or if I should have lengthened the bodice and/or skirt, but when E moves around the skirt tends to fly way up and show her underwear.   Luckily this dress looks equally appropriate on its own for a fancy look or paired with leggings and a sweater for preschool.  It even works for gardening, as E helped me with the flower beds.

Sally dress : Lizzieville5

I look forward to trying this pattern again in the coming years.

And now, to get ready for Kid’s Clothes Week.  I did some shopping (new needles, wooly nylon thread, and some lovely knits).  Now it’s time to make some decisions and get cutting so that starting on Monday I’m ready to put in my hour a day.  Anyone else have some last minute preparations this weekend?


17 thoughts on “A sally dress

  1. I love your version – I plan on sewing a sally for my girl, but somehow have been waiting for the “right” fabric. Your choice looks so perfect (love the colors and the small floral). Thank you for the inspiration!
    PS: I do love the fuller skirt. Looks so girly 🙂

    • Thanks, Ana Sofia! I considered quite a few fabrics and combinations before my mother helped me decide on this one. I do think it fits this pattern well. I look forward to seeing your version! And I’m glad I added in the extra fullness to the skirt. I was a bit nervous while gathering that much material (and I managed to pin it the wrong side of the skirt at first!) but then it all went smoothly.

    • Thanks! It was fun to sew some dresses lately, after a year of making tunics and blouses. I really enjoyed this pattern and doing a sleeveless version would be quite quick.

  2. Great print, Elizabeth. And only 2 pages for the pattern!! This one is going on my list:) Good luck tomorrow and this week. It’s late, but you’ve inspired me to go and cut something out in order to avoid stalling:)

    • Yes- the two pages was such a nice surprise! Good luck to you, as well! I have a huge stack of things cut out now so I’m hoping to get to some actual sewing tonight. I always find it a bit tricky to commit to fabrics so if nothing else that feels like an accomplishment!

  3. What an adorable dress!!!!! E looks so beautiful in it. I love those little triangles too and the fabric is so sweet. So season I will try to do KCW but I always seem to be in the middle of making other things during it. I am looking forward to seeing what you make.

    • Oh thanks, Christine! It really does look sweet on her. Although it seems to have shrunk in the wash so she had to wear it with shorts today. Oh well, still cute! I really want to start making a picnic blanket/quilt (especially after seeing your quilt!) but I’m trying to hold off this week and focus on some kids clothes.

  4. I love this!!! This is the perfect fabric for this dress. Sometimes I dream about just sewing only with calicos for the rest of my life, but then some bright orange corduroy beckons … but anyway, I love love love calicos.

    I am looking forward to making this for Maggie, but right now she’s practically swimming in 2T. It’s nice that she’s not growing too too quickly, but I want to make you a Sally Dress, child! GROW! Ah well, it will happen soon enough. 🙂

    • Thanks, Inder! If only you lived closer, you could see my grandmother’s extra stacks and stacks of calico and sew away! Although it’s a lack of time than a lack of fabric holding my sewing back these days. I’m guessing you’re the same 🙂

      And I hope that Maggie grows into that 2T, but not too fast! You could always add this type of pockets to another pattern (geranium maybe??) until then.

  5. This dress is adorable on your daughter. I have this pattern too, and hope to find the right fabric soon so I can finally sew one up! I’ve enjoyed reading through all your kcw posts- beautiful stuff! – Erin

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