KCW : planning and a hopscotch dress


It’s Day 5 of Kid’s Clothes Week and I finally have something to post. I spent last weekend getting a stack of things all cut and ready:

KCW planning : lizzieville4

I love KCW because it motivates me to make decisions. Then I pulled out the serger and got to work.

hopscotch dress : lizzieville3

First up, an Oliver + S hopscotch dress. This is a size 3, lengthened by a couple inches. As you can see, it is almost too small on E.  She seems to be going through a growth spurt and I’m having a tough time figuring out her sizing.  Since I was worried about the sizing (and my ability to work with knits) I decided to hold off on cutting into some of my new, nicer knits.  Instead I used some floral jersey knit and white spandex knit from Girl Charlee. I’m not particularly happy with the quality of the floral- thin and clingy. But it’s a fun print and was good enough for my first try at this pattern.

hopscotch dress : lizzieville2

With options for shirt/dress and short/long sleeves I think this pattern will be a great wardrobe staple.  My first time through I learned a few things, made some mistakes (such as adding interfacing to the front of the bodice vs the reverse- ack!), but still ended up with a usable little top. I even made a bit of progress sewing with knits. I also appreciate that you can cut this dress out of a yard of fabric with plenty leftover.

hopscotch dress : lizzieville1 So, project #1 finally photographed and shared.  Matching pajama pants, coming up next.

12 thoughts on “KCW : planning and a hopscotch dress

    • Knits and the serger has been interesting, for sure. When it works right it’s so fast, easy, and I love the finish. But when the serger comes unthreaded or I need to hem knits then I have some learning to do!

  1. Yeah, I agree – this one runs a bit snug!! You’re reminding me, I really want to make more of these, it’s a great staple pattern. SIGH. So many patterns, so little time.

    • I need to start a chart, noting which O+S patterns run snug and which are roomy! I’m excited to make this one again in the size 4 or maybe just with stretchier fabric. And I agree about the patterns and lack of time! I looked at my spring to-make list and realized that I may need to cut it down a bit because spring is flying by.

  2. I found the same thing when I sewed this up for my 9 yr old – it was WAY too small and the size 8 I had sewn ended up fitting my 5 yr old. So yes – for this pattern, definitely size up! Better err on the side of too big than too small:)

    • It seems like most Oliver+S patterns run a bit big but I guess this one is an exception! I’ll keep this in mind and probably buy the larger size range of this pattern sooner rather than later. Thanks for the advice!

  3. oh gorgeous 🙂 My daughter has just had a growth spurt and is kinda in between sizes now. I think going for a larger size is a safe choice hehe

    • I agree about sizing up! Somehow I keep underestimating how big both kids are getting. I just made O a pair of pants that were way too small. Ack!

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