KCW : fancy turtle pants


I realized that E is quickly outgrowing most of her pajama pants.  So I decided to make her a new pair for Kid’s Clothes Week using the fancy pants leggings pattern from Titchy Threads.  After cutting out a size 4, I realized that there was just enough left over to make a 12 month pair for O.  And so we have matching turtle pants:

fancy pants 1 : lizzieville1The fit on O is perfect after chopping off 2 inches from the length.  E was sleeping when I made her pair so I just used a straight size 4.  They ended up being quite roomy so I’m hoping they’ll fit for a while.

fancy pants : lizzieville2

fancy pants : lizzieville1

I really enjoyed the instructions for this pattern.  Helpful color-coded pictures, clear instructions without being too wordy, and tips for using a serger (which I ignored a bit and did the entire things on the serger and it worked out fine as far as I can tell).  These pants were fantastically easy and satisfying to make.  Getting pictures of them was a bit more of a challenge as E enjoyed flopping on the bed,

fancy pants : lizzieville4

And O enjoyed pulling his sister’s hair.

fancy pants : lizzieville5

And then they cuddle up oh so sweetly.

fancy pants : lizzieville6

Although I sure wish I’d had enough fabric to match the prints a bit!  Anyway, I have one more KCW outfit to finish up and then that’ll be a wrap for spring Kid’s Clothes Week.  Next I want to look through all the fabulous projects and get inspired for more spring sewing.

14 thoughts on “KCW : fancy turtle pants

  1. so adorable!!! I love the cuddling picture. Does it take you a long time to thread your serger? Do you change the thread for different projects. That is the part that scares me from using mine.

    • Thanks, Christine! The serger is definitely new for me. I’ve used white for all my projects so far (even if they weren’t white…) but I think I’ll switch out the threads because I have a few blue projects in mind. The threading is a bit confusing, particularly when something is going wrong and you’re trying to figure out which piece is misthreaded. It’s actually my mother’s 15+ year old machine and I’ve spent quite a bit of time staring at the diagrams and reading the somewhat cryptic descriptions. I’m guessing that a newer machine might be easier to thread. But when it works, it’s magic!

  2. OMG. That is a DEADLY amount of cute right there. Each photo cuter than the last. O is so adorably TUBBY! I want to squeeze him! The pjs are adorable too. I’ve made my kiddos a couple sets of matching Fancy Pants – who says matching clothes are only for same-sex siblings?!!

    • Aren’t those turtles funny? I put in an order to Girl Charlee with a bunch of different kinds of knits, trying to figure out what was what. The thermal was really easy to work with. Hoping for more serger projects soon!

    • Thanks- I think it was your pajamas that inspired me to make these! These are so fast I may just whip up a few more pairs. Hemming is still a challenge so I love these patterns with cuffs!

  3. those turtles are adorable! and that’s the perfect pj bottom pattern, i need to dig that one out again. i love the display of brother/sister love, too – they look pretty smitten with each other!

    • It is a great little pattern and has a nice range of sizes. Next time I should make matching shirts like your cute Easter ones! And they are a cute little duo- making each other laugh and being silly.

  4. Nothing cuter than turtle pyjama pants! (My son couldn’t roll back to front for ages and I used to “turtle” him when I needed to do something and be sure he wouldn’t crawl off somewhere! How I wish I had those pants back then)
    the photos are gorgeous!

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