Baby pants, baby shoes

In my quest to find good pants patterns for chubby babies in large cloth diapers, I made O another pair of pants.  These pants started life as women’s pants, picked up at the thrift store to repurpose.  They have a bit of stretch to them and I liked the color.  I used them to cut out some pants for E from the Sew Chic Kids book, completely forgetting to add seam allowances.  I was able to recut them for O by using a shortened MADE kids pants with the addition of the back panel from the fancy pants leggings.

baby pants, baby shoes4

Then I added a waistband and cuffed the ends as they were super long.  They are huge and comfortable and I’m imagining many months of wear for these pants.

baby pants, baby shoes3

baby pants, baby shoes2 baby pants, baby shoes1

Now that spring has arrived O is out and about in the grass, wood chips, and dirt more.  So I thought it was time to make him some shoes.  These are the Cameron baby sneakers  in essex yarn dyed linen and echino helicopters (I bought it locally but found a listing here).  I made a size 3 based on O’s foot measurements and the hope that too small might be better than too big for someone who always kicks off his socks.

baby pants, baby shoes7

These stay on better than I’d expected and I love the snaps.  Next time I might use a bigger size but add some elastic to the back.  I’ll also do a better job transferring all the markings.  I had some headaches and off-kilter straps that I probably could have avoided.

baby pants, baby shoes5

O enjoys chewing on them whenever possible.

baby pants, baby shoes1



12 thoughts on “Baby pants, baby shoes

  1. I can’t stand how cute he is. Wow! And in those pants and shoes. I can’t stand it. What perfect baby clothes. I really love the combination of fabrics you chose for the shoes.

    • Thanks- he’s a fun little guy whose personality is really starting to show. It’s also nice making things for him because he’s a bit less opinionated than his sister 🙂 The echino fabric I used for the shoes had four different patterns on the fabric and it was so tricky to pick which ones to use and how to line everything up! I’m excited to make another pair of these and try some different fabric combinations.

  2. Oh wow, CUH-UUUUUUTE. Those little shoes! What is it about baby shoes that always gets you?! I love the little pants too. They remind me of Rae’s big butt pants – have you tried those? That was my favorite baby pants pattern for Maggie.

    • I know! And somehow he had no shoes, unlike his sister who had a bunch of baby pairs. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a second child or that he’s a boy but somehow he ended up with some serious holes in his wardrobe! And funny that you mention Rae’s pattern. About halfway through I realized that I was probably just recreating the big butt pants. I should really buy that pattern next. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I LOVE those shoes! The pants are also fabulous. And I can’t believe the sweater still fits him! I’m going to cast one on for Mr. Number 3, since it obviously has such a long lifespan. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kirsten! Maybe they’ll make their way to Mr. #3 is O doesn’t manage to lose and or stain them along the way. And that sweater- I love it so much! Thank you! It fits so well, it always stays attached, and I love the color. It makes me sad that he’s almost outgrown it! I guess I should start knitting some sweaters for next fall.

  4. those baby shoes are super fabulous, that’s a great fabric combo. i made a pair once and they were tedious to sew – so many small curves! but so cute, it’s worth it. i love how he’s chomping on them! 🙂

    • Thanks, Gail! I debated color combinations for far too long! I’d agree that these were fairly tedious. When I bought the pattern I had visions of making O an entire lineup of different-colored shoes. Now I’m thinking maybe one more pair will get us through 🙂 And he does like to grab and chew everything these days!

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