Pincushions and juggling balls

With all the gardening happening around here my sewing projects have been slow going.  Does anyone else have that trouble this time of year?  But I have been saving up a few projects to share, all using leftover crushed walnut shell from this pincushion.  First I made another pincushion using the same pattern from Modern Log Cabin Quilting, this time for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  This is such a fun pattern and I really enjoyed this method of log cabin square construction.

Pincushion : Lizzieville1 Pincushion : Lizzieville2I also re-stuffed a tomato pincushion made from this Martha Stewart pattern.  I’d previously stuffed this with cotton and the walnut shells work so much better.  I really want to make an entire family of tomato pincushions in varying colors and sizes (like the pattern shows) but it doesn’t seem particularly practical given how little time I have to sew these days.

Pincushion : Lizzieville3

I also made some juggling balls using the pattern from Little Things to Sew.

LTTS juggling balls : Lizzieville

Juggling balls : Lizzieville

I figured E would enjoy these but it turned out that O was an even bigger fan.

Juggling balls : Lizzieville5 Juggling balls : Lizzieville4

I stuffed a few with cotton, as in the directions, and then a few more with the walnut shells.  We all preferred the walnut shells as they are much better for tossing around (and apparently more satisfying for chewing on).  I did have visions of my stitching coming out and O ending up with a mouthful of shells, but so far they’ll held strong.  And, I believe this brings me up to seven projects completed for the Little Things to Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge.  One-third of the way there!



8 thoughts on “Pincushions and juggling balls

  1. That is a beautiful pin cushion!!! I think I may “pin” your pin cushion if you don’t mind. Someday when I make one I’d like it to look like yours. And the balls look like a lot of fun. O is just too cute!!!!

    • Thank you Christine! It is quite a satisfying sew. I have no idea how to install those fancy pin it buttons on my images but you are very welcome to pin it!

  2. I just want to chew on O’s pudgy elbows! Don’t mind me.

    Juggling balls!! And pincushions! Awesome work! You say you’re not sewing a lot, but those little items are fiddly and not super fast to make, so I say you’ve been very productive.

    • Thanks Inder, I guess they do take quite a bit of time so your encouragement is appreciated. And mister O has some seriously chubby and delightful arms and legs on display in his summer clothes. So I totally understand 🙂

  3. Wonderful sewing but those are definitely show stealing chubby arms! Too cute.
    your pincushions and balls all look perfect. Congratulations on how neat your juggling balls look at the top/bottom. With three months to go I’m sure you’ll make it into double figures in the Cover to Cover Challenge!

    • Thanks- getting those tops lined up was a bit of a challenge! And of course I turned the nicer side out for the pictures 🙂 Thanks for hosting this challenge. I don’t think I would have gotten around to many of the projects in this book otherwise and they’ve all been such fun. I’m going to see how many more I can squeeze in over the summer!

  4. Very nice! Interesting about the walnut shells. I think I read that somewhere else, too. (Or maybe it was here, in another post?) I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    • It may have been here! I think I talked about them in my previous pincushion post. Although it’s also a pretty common suggestion I found when googling.

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