In the garden : mid-May

Last year I enjoyed following along with SouleMama’s weekly gardening posts and adding a few pictures and thoughts from our garden along the way.  I thought I’d do the same this year, since a great deal of my crafting/creating/making energy and time goes into the garden this time of year.  Our yard is a slowly-evolving place, gradually reclaiming areas from the blackberry chaos, scrubby grass, and huge quantities of pavement that once covered this yard.

The vegetable garden in mid-March, with only the garlic and some over-wintered greens growing.  The chickens were out to do some scratching and weed-eating:

In the garden : Lizzieville1 In the garden : Lizzieville2Then we ordered some mulch for the front flower beds.  In the back we planted the cold frames, followed by peas, potatoes, and other early veggies.  I love the over-powering green of spring in Seattle and added a few new flower pots to our front yard.

In the garden : Lizzieville3In the garden : Lizzieville4In the garden : Lizzieville5In the garden : Lizzieville6In the garden : Lizzieville7

This month we put in the tomatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers.  I have beans and carrots left and otherwise the garden is all in.  But the most important development in the garden was our new fence.  Replacing the bedraggled chain-link fence is a lovely new wooden fence to surround our gardens and yard.  As it went in last week we found ourselves standing around in the yard, just admiring the work of the builders.  In the garden : Lizzieville8 In the garden : Lizzieville9

It’s nothing fancy, but I like that we’ve gained a little privacy and a lot of beauty in our yard. Oh how I love the spring!


10 thoughts on “In the garden : mid-May

  1. I love spring, too!! The fence is so gorgeous, as are the flower beds and those little munchkins you have running around (the children, not the chickens!) 🙂
    Although, the chickens are endearing as well!
    Thanks for sharing, everything looks so wonderful.

    • Oh thanks, Sara! It was you that inspired me to pull together these pictures for a garden post. Hope that all your gardening and art projects are going well. Look forward to talking soon!

  2. The fence is beautiful! Truly! What a major improvement. I love gardening too, although this year my mood has been somewhat dampened (haha, I wish!) by a severe drought in California. We are still growing tomatoes and onions and flowers, but I haven’t attacked the garden with my usual zeal. Sigh. But instead of planting water-hungry vegetables, I have been working a little bit on our drought tolerant front garden space, where I plant things here and over the years …

    • Thank you! And it does feel like such a huge change. We’re do-it-yourself types but there was no way we were ever going to find time to complete a project that big. So I’m glad that we were able to hire the professionals to do it correctly (and in a week!). Hopefully the rain picks up a bit for you, but focusing on the drought tolerant makes sense, too. We tore out the back part of our driveway and it needs a path and some plantings. I know I want a lilac bush (I’ve always wanted one!) but I should really look into native plantings for the rest. Thanks for the inspiration and happy gardening!

  3. I love seeing your garden. The fence is very attractive and your pots are beautiful. I can’t wait until we are in house (someday) and I can have a real garden. I am lucky that I have a teeny tiny herb garden at our condo (though I’m not really suppose to) and I can do pots. I’ve skipped the pots the past couple years because I put them where we play and I can see my kids ripping off everything before they are ready. I may try this year.

    • Thanks, Christine! I snuck a few plants in when I lived in a condo, too. E is pretty good about leaving the plants in, although she sometimes is a too-enthusiastic helper or steps on things. Hopefully some potted plants would be okay. And somehow I’d always pictured you living in a house in rural Maine! Your house and outdoor pictures always look so peaceful and calm.

      • The town I live in has quite a few farms though it happens to be in Southern Maine on the coast so it feels kind of suburban. Our condo is on what feels like a neighborhood street so it isn’t too bad. We do want to move to a house and hopefully will in a year or two. This time of year I go especially house crazy as I want a garden, yard, and dog really bad.

  4. I love the pictures of your garden, especially the chicks helping out, can’t wait to see how it looks when everything is growing

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