Convertible Clutch

Just like last year I made my sister a bag for her birthday.  This is the convertible clutch from Vanessa Hewell at LBGstudio.  This pattern was part of a pattern bundle I purchased last year.  I currently don’t have much use for this type of bag, as I’m usually toting around too much stuff.  But I figured that she could use this bag for weekend brunch and other such outings.

Covertible Clutch : Lizzieville4

The exterior fabric is from IKEA, given to me by a friend.  The top handle is Kaufman linen in steel and the interior is a green cotton from my stash.  The pattern is designed to be either used as a full-size bag (as above), or folder over to make a clutch:

Covertible Clutch : Lizzieville2

Covertible Clutch : Lizzieville3

I had a few construction issues due to not reading the directions carefully.  I’d suggest reading through the entire instructions and then actually following them…

Covertible Clutch : Lizzieville6

But all in all it came out just fine.  I added a few treats inside and sent this cross-country.  Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister and aunt!

Covertible Clutch : Lizzieville1


6 thoughts on “Convertible Clutch

  1. Totally cute, and yes, I remember the days when this would have been the perfect bag to take to a brunch with the girls or out to dinner. Back when I didn’t need to carry several changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, and miscellaneous food products everywhere I went!

    • Those were the days! Now I can’t find a bag big enough to hold everything and usually end up with multiple bags. And still usually forget the things we need!

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