Little Things to Sew : Red Riding Hood Cape

I am on a quest to finish up the projects I prepared for Spring Kid’s Clothes Week.  Today, the Red Riding Hood Cape from the book Little Things to Sew.

LTTS cape : Lizzieville1

I’ve now tried eight patterns from this book.  I probably wouldn’t have tried this one if it weren’t for the fabulous Little Things to Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge.  The patterns in this book are great little sewing lessons with cute and easy results.  So many of these projects would make great gifts, especially when the exact size of the recipient isn’t known.  And while I don’t imagine that E will wear this out and about much, it should get some use in our dress up basket.

LTTS cape : Lizzieville4 LTTS cape : Lizzieville2

The blue is mystery fabric I had in my stash and the pink Little Red Riding Hood print is from Riley Blake.  This was a straightforward sew and quite fun.  My only issue was figuring out how to have buttons on both sides.  I ended up sewing both buttons on at the same time, lining up the button holes.  It is a little tight getting the loop over the buttons so I should have left a bit more slack in the thread.

LTTS cape : Lizzieville5

I traced a medium (the smaller of the two sizes) because it went up to a size 4.  This is on the small side so I really should have sized up.  I keep making things too small.  Not sure what that’s all about.  I think these kids are just growing too fast…

LTTS cape : Lizzieville6

E was excited to discover that capes are good for swishing around.  Anyone else working on Little Things to Sew projects?  Or getting-ready-for-summer/winter sewing?  I have some shorts in the works from the great new (free!) Sunny Day Shorts pattern.  Hoping to have them finished soon.

13 thoughts on “Little Things to Sew : Red Riding Hood Cape

  1. It is adorable! I love this pattern. You are right about these patterns making great gifts. I don’t sew as many gifts as I use to but I would like to again. I keep saying I want to do the puppet show curtain since we do a lot of puppet shows here but I haven’t even looked at it yet.

    • I’d like to sew more gifts, too. Somehow birthdays and such keep sneaking up on me lately but I’d love to get a little stash of kid gifts ready to go. And I love that your kids do puppet shows!

    • Oh, thanks Gail! She wasn’t so cute when she refused to wear the cape but then once I convinced her to try she really got into it! I have the bib from this book traced as one of my next projects. After that I may take a break for some summer sewing. May’s been unusually nice around these parts so it’s time to get moving on warm-weather gear.

  2. So pleased you have made this and thanks for the helpful insight. Its on my rota for Lid’s and Tildy next as a ‘cover up’ over JimJams.
    You daughter is so cute, she has incredibly beautiful eyes.

    So a medium for Tild’s and a large for Lids, thank you so much!
    xx N

    • Thank you, Nicole! And I look forward to seeing your version. I seem to recall that Tildy is a tall/skinny kid. You might hold the pieces up to her as see if they needed to be lengthened. I was intimated by the need to lengthen all the different, curved pieces otherwise I might have given it a try.

    • Thanks, Inder! I bought the red riding hood fabric on a whim and then didn’t want to devote any of my other nice fabric to the project since I had a feeling it wouldn’t get a ton of use. She did get into the photo shoot although it took a ton of convincing at first…. and maybe a bribe 🙂

  3. The riley blake fabric is just perfect for this! I may aim to make this later on in the summer so my girls can wear them when it gets cooler. I am currently cutting out the explorer vest, we have a bug theme at school at the moment.

    • I agree- when I saw it I figured I just had to make the cape! I’ll be curious to hear how the explorer vest goes. The pockets had me a bit intimidated but it looks like a fun sew. Maybe one for my summer list!

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