Sunny day shorts + roly-poly pinafore

The weather this May has been beautiful.  Before we head back to our typical rainy June, I thought a little summer sewing was in order.   And so, some sunny day shorts and a roly-poly pinafore.

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville1

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville8

The shorts are from the new Oliver+S pattern, sewn in a size 4.  I felt that the blue (andover chambray in denim) needed fancying up a bit so I added back pockets.  Then they seemed a bit long and plain from the front so I flipped up and tacked the hems to make a little cuff.  These shorts are an easy, fast sew and I hope to make a few pairs for O soon.

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville9

Now on to the top.  I’ve long admired the roly-poly pinafore from imagine gnats.  So when I was lucky enough to win a free pattern in a giveaway from Laura at Behind the Hedgerow I picked the pinafore.  Something about that little pleat in the front and the curved back pieces was hard to resist.  I decided to sew the size 4 because I knew E would need the length.  It is big on top and I’m sure her measurements would have put her at a 2 or 3 but hopefully she can grow into it.  Next time I might try to merge the sizes as E insisted on wearing it without a shirt underneath and it’s iffy in the modesty department.

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville2

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville7

I made it reversible as I wasn’t sure which fabric she’d prefer.  The rose is an Essex linen blend and the print is from Wildwood by Erin McMorris. I first fell in love with those little trees in this darling coat by Gail from Probably Actually and then happened to spot the fabric at this quilt shop that tends to have lots of older inventory.  Perfect for people who are indecisive about fabric shopping, like me.

E is enamored with the buttons.  She chose to wear this entire outfit again today and worked on the straps and buttons herself for a good 10 minutes before asking for help.

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville6

Normally I’d roll the seam slightly to the wrong side when ironing so the lining doesn’t show.  But with a two-sided garment that isn’t possible.  It kind of drove me crazy.  Is there some obvious solution?  Maybe use piping or something?  Or just be a more meticulous sewer and ironer?

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville3

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville5

Apart from my ironing issues this was a super easy sew, especially since I skipped the pockets.  This is a lovely little pattern and I think it would be particularly sweet on the littlest ones.  Next baby girl gift I need to make, it’ll either be this or a tiny geranium.

Sunny day shorts + roly poly tunic : Lizzieville4

E loves her new summer outfit and is ready to go.  Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!


9 thoughts on “Sunny day shorts + roly-poly pinafore

  1. SO cute!! and yeah, I think the trick for reversible is just to fold it exactly even… which can be tough, but once your cute kiddo is wearing it, no one will notice any little mistakes!!

  2. oh i love those little trees! perfect pinafore fabric. and the cuffs and pockets are great additions to the sunny day shorts! i bet she’ll get a lot of wear out of them in that chambray.

    • Thanks, Gail! The pinafore was fun to make (and has actually seen quite a bit of wear- you never know these days!) and I think the shorts will be a great summer staple. And I’m loving this Andover chambray!

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