Made For Kids Month : Week 1

When I read about Made for Kids Month from Liesl (Oliver + S) and Rae (Made By Rae) I figured it would be fun to document the handmade things my kids wore in June.  You can read more about the month-long challenge here and here.


E picks out her own (sometimes wacky) outfits each morning.  I knew that I’d have little luck encouraging her to wear her handmade items but by chance she picked out quite a few this week.  First up, a geranium tunic (from last spring- still fits barely!)

Geranium top :: LizzievilleCircle skirt (too big last year, finally seeing some wear now)
Circle skirt :: LizzievilleArt smock (made two years ago and probably the most-worn item I’ve ever made)
LTTS smock :: Lizzieville
LTTS backpack and Love Your Lunchbox Lunchbox
Backpack and lunchbox :: Lizzieville
Roller skate top (another barely fits from last spring) and circle skirt (again!)
Roller skate top and circle skirt
Oliver+S bedtime story pajama pants (made over the winter and never blogged)
Sleepover pajama pants :: Lizzieville
Circle skirt (yet again- clearly E needs some more skirts!)
Circle skirt 2 :: Lizzieville
Roly-poly pinafore
Roly-poly pinafore :: Lizzieville
My only O picture for the week:

Big green pants :: LizzievilleO had a bunch of knit items, but for spring wear he’s down to a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.  I’ve got some projects in the works for him, though.

If you (and your children) are participating I look forward to enjoying your pictures in the Made for Kids Month Flickr group!


9 thoughts on “Made For Kids Month : Week 1

  1. I’m so impressed!!! We aren’t doing it but I am enjoying seeing everyone’s. I love the art smock. I was thinking the other day that I should make one since I was having my kids paint in their underwear so they wouldn’t get dirty.

    • Oh- you should make the smock! The finishes on it are so perfect and this one has lasted 2+ years so it’s been totally worth it. E uses it for painting and cooking now, but when she was younger she also used it for messy foods. I actually have one cut out for O, for those meals when a normal bib just won’t do 🙂 Of course with summer coming on, I may try your painting in underwear idea!

  2. It’s so nice to see so many different handmades in one blog post! I feel like every month is Made for Kid Months here, maybe that’s why I’m less inclined to take the photos. That and I’m 8 months pregnant and the ol’ energy level appears to be taking a nose dive. Good for you for taking the time and effort to photograph them all. And your circle skirts are really great (as is everything else!). I had made circle skirts using Dana’s tutorial but mine do not have that same kind of gathering at the top. I really, really like this.

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