Made For Kids Month : Week 2

I continued to document our handmade kid clothes for week two of Made For Kids Month. Week one and more information about this month-long challenge here.


First up, O in his Cameron baby sneakers and E in her sunny day shorts:

Cameron baby shoes :: Lizzieville

Sunny day shorts

Baby shoes, sunny day shorts

Modified class picnic shorts (or tennis ball shorts, as my husband likes to call them):

Modified class picnic shorts :: Lizzieville

Hopscotch dress:

Hopscotch dress :: Lizzieville

Last summer’s sailboat pants (still holding up after heavy wear, although getting a bit snug):

Sailboat pants :: Lizzieville

Handknit sweater made by E’s grandma, worn on our first rainy day in June.  I love the rain, and two weeks with rain is so unusual around these parts.

Knit sweater :: Lizzieville

And rounding out the week, some sibling playtime in (backwards) big green pants and sunny day shorts:

Green pants, sunny day shorts :: Lizzieville

That’s my round up!  I’m still loving all the handmade items and lovely, everyday moments in the Made for Kids Month Flickr pool!


6 thoughts on “Made For Kids Month : Week 2

  1. So much cuteness here!! I especially love that last photo. I think the too-small sailboat pants (totally cute as bermudas! who knew?) and the “tennis ball shorts” are my favorites. What a good idea for modifying the Class Picnic shorts!

    • Thanks for your comments, Inder. You are always so encouraging and supportive! I have a pair of sailboat pants in the works for O and I think they’re going to be way too long (and maybe just barely fit around his diaper?). We’ll see!

  2. I am having so much fun with this too. I am doubling up a wee bit as my tribe are at school but I don’t think there are any rules.
    I am enjoying ‘meeting’ all these busy little people

  3. adorable! The pictures and the clothes are too cute. I stink at these kind of group things but somehow Stella has been wearing handmade clothes this week daily. It really has something to do with the fact that those clothes are hanging in her closet and I haven’t felt like sorting through the clean laundry baskets and dirty baskets lately. But they are getting worn 🙂

    • Ha- I did have a thought that we could have all kinds of handmade clothes if I just failed to wash her go-to tshirts and store-bought shorts! Hooray for things getting worn, however it happens 🙂

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