Made For Kids Month : Week 3

Week #3 of Made For Kids Month nearly complete and we mostly had repeat handmades around here.


I didn’t document the repeated clothing items but do have a few new things to share.  E wore her Oliver+S field trip tshirt that I originally made last winter.  I’d added a cuff to the bottom and the sleeves to avoid hemming knits.  But the neckline got so horribly stretched out while sewing that the shirt was unwearable.  I fixed that problem by chopping off the neckline and adding a bimaa hood.  Which pretty much makes this a bimaa sweater with raglan sleeves and a roomier fit.

raglan bimaa 3 : Lizzieville

You can see it better in these pictures I took a few weeks ago.

raglan bimaa 2 : Lizzieville raglan bimaa 1 : Lizzieville

It’s always nice to salvage something from the rag pile.

And this week I finally got around to making O his first Oliver+S clothing.  I can’t believe it has taken so long.  Here he is wearing his plaid sailboat pants.  I made a size 18 months for him (he’s huge) and they fit nicely over his cloth diaper.  The pattern is for cropped pants so these are a bit long but work well enough.

Sailboat pants : Lizzieville5

Sailboat pants : Lizzieville6Sailboat pants : Lizzieville4

I love this pattern and look forward to making O many more pairs.  The top does pull a bit funny though and I’ll try to adjust my button placement a bit on future pairs.  Or maybe it’s just the big belly/diaper combo.  Either way I just want to squish him all day.

Sailboat pants : Lizzieville7 Sailboat pants : Lizzieville8 I have a whole bunch of other Oliver+S pants patterns to try.  I’m thinking that 18 month with a 12 month length may work.  Anyone have experience with the different Oliver+S pants patterns and their roominess?  Any advice greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Made For Kids Month : Week 3

  1. Those pants are perfect! I want to squish him too. Remember I know nothing about sewing, but my guess is that he’s going to get taller but not much bigger in the hips over the next 3-6 months. Are there patterns that might have a way to hide extra length until he needs it? Or convertible pants that can be rolled up and buttoned at ankle length for him now and unbuttoned as he grows?
    E could not look more like you in the profile shot! I love her hoodie. And I love how wearable everything you’ve made for the kids is. You have a good eye for what they need and will use often in their wardrobes.

    • Thanks, Kirsten! And I think you’re right about the pants. I’ll check my patterns for ones with a cuff or where I could add a cuff. I like the buttoned idea, too. I think I might have a pattern with that feature that I can stick on some baby pants. And some of the things I make are total failures, but at least others get worn!

  2. I’ve had good luck with the sandbox pants on my chubby cloth diapered baby. I cut them longer and put cuffs in. I plan on taking them down as he grows.

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