Happy Homemade : pull-over parka


When I saw that Meg from Elsie Marley and Cherie from You & Mie were having a sew-along I thought it would be fun to join in.  The chosen pattern was the pull-over parka from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade.  I have the English version and I’ve used it before to make E this little tunic.  I also made the wide leg pants a bit ago but E refuses to wear them because they are not shorts.  Maybe in the fall…

Anyway, back to the parka.  It’s designed for woven fabrics but I thought E would reject a woven top.  She strongly prefers knit tops at this time.  So I used some striped french terry I had around.  I added a front pocket and hood lining in denim to try to tone things down.  But it is still very striped and frankly hurts my eyes a bit.

SCK parka : Lizzieville3 SCK parka : Lizzieville2

The french terry was from Girl Charlee but is no longer in stock.  I’m not sure what it is made from but it’s definitely not all cotton.  I quickly discovered this when ironing and it would not hold a crease but would melt.  So I skipped the cute little drawstring on the bottom because hemming the sleeves was enough of a nightmare.

SCK parka : Lizzieville1

I had some serious pattern preparation issues on this one-  cutting stripes the wrong way, cutting out the body pieces so that the wrong side was on the fold, and messing up the seam allowances.  But I did manage to at least match up the stripes on the sides.  I loved the hints I got from Cheri and Meg as part of their sew-along posts.  I’m also excited that E should fit the patterns in this book for a good while longer.  I made her the size 4 (100) with added length and the book goes up to size 8 (120).

SCK parka : Lizzieville4

Did you sew along?  I have enjoyed seeing all the creations in the sew-along Flickr group.


10 thoughts on “Happy Homemade : pull-over parka

  1. Oh that’s so cute! I bet it’s so cozy in knit. I think that’s what I’d have to use to sell Lila on it. I sewed along too, I’m just sifting through my photos 🙂

    • Hmm… that’s a good question! I’m not really sure. This is smooth on the outside and has this kind of waffle-like pattern on the back. I just bought some organic french terry from Fabric.com and it is quite snuggly. This stuff is a bit more slinky-feeling than snuggly…. which is what you get when you order cheap fabric online, I guess! I’m avoiding buying any fabric online now unless it’s been recommended by someone else.

  2. You did such a fantastic job making sure the stripes matched!! I really like it. I wasn’t sure either of my girls would wear the pullover so I didn’t participate. Do you like the book? I am kind of on the fence about ordering it.

    • Thank you! I was so proud of myself for remembering to match that part as I cut the pieces. E has yet to wear the parka again so I think your fears are probably right-on! I’m glad I have this book but can’t give it a complete endorsement. There are definitely some cute patterns but the fit is a bit hard to judge. I hope it will provide good practice for the in-Japanese books I have. The construction does not feel as finished as Oliver+S patterns but they do seem to be faster to complete. And so far the three things I’ve made from the book E has pretty much rejected….. so there’s that 🙂

    • Thank you! I was just proud that I remembered to line up the side stripes. We’ll see if it gets any wear come fall. Or maybe on our camping trips this summer. It would be the perfect camping shirt for early mornings and late nights, I think.

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