In the garden : June

Our garden at the end of June:

June garden : Lizzieville7

The beans are starting to climb the poles, the lettuce is trying to bolt, and everything is looking green and a bit out of control.  So far our harvest has mostly consisted of lettuce, raspberries, and peas.  This is our second year with peas and we planted an entire row because my father spouted too many pea seeds and gave us the extras.  There were enough extras for an entire row and our support poles weren’t up to the task.  The tops of the plants folded over on themselves.  We’ll try for something more substantial next year.

June garden : Lizzieville1 June garden : Lizzieville2

June garden : Lizzieville5

Our raspberry crop this year has been lovely.  E enjoys picking them and it has turned into a perfect evening activity.  In fact we find ourselves outside in the garden more and more these days, with O rolling around on a blanket and trying to sneakily eat the peas.

June garden : Lizzieville6

I was concerned about the garlic because I typically plant it in the fall.  But this fall we were so busy with baby O that I didn’t get around to planting until January.  It seems to have grown just fine and I harvested the garlic scapes a while back.

June garden : Lizzieville3

Last night I picked our first two tomatoes and our first zucchini.  I look forward to more harvesting next month.

The spring bulbs are all done and so the front flower gardens are a bit lacking in color.  One of my future goals is to get more summer flowers planted.  I love walking by this hill of lupins at our neighborhood pea patch.  Lupins always remind me of the lovely book Miss Rumphius.

June garden : Lizzieville4

Do you have any favorites this time of year?


8 thoughts on “In the garden : June

  1. How wonderful! I don’t think I’ll see a tomato until August. I just have one pot. I love lupin too. We have it everywhere in Maine. I don’t know the book. I will have to go look it up. It is hard to say I have a favorite. I think my kids like the dandilions best though.

    • I was kind of surprised about the tomato, as well! We usually get tomatoes later but we’ve had some dry stretches that seem to be moving things along fast. maybe we won’t end up with so many green ones at the end of the season this year! E likes the dandelions, too. And O thinks it is absolutely hilarious when she blows the seeds at his face.

  2. I love that photo of O chomping on the peas! So cute! My kids love to help me gather up the harvest (they do pick some unripe things sometimes, but it’s no big). And Maggie has always had a penchant for raw basil! Very strange. Our garden is small this year by our usual standards, but we have been harvesting blackberries, raspberries, loquats (we have a tree), herbs, and just recently, our first cherry tomatoes! SUMMER!

    • Harvesting with kids is so fun- I agree! E was happily picking barely-red raspberries before the harvest really came in. I’d love to have more fruit- maybe some blueberries and one day some other fruit trees. Your garden sounds wonderful!

    • I wish that they were ours! I’m not sure who planted and tends to them so nicely at the pea patch. But we sure enjoy walking by them! Our raspberries have come and gone already. I always forget how fast and furious some of these seasons can be, especially those raspberries and peas. Enjoy them for a few weeks and then wait patiently until next year!

  3. Now there’s a baby who loves his veggies! That’s adorable. The garden looks great! My raspberries are a few weeks from being ripe, I think, but I had a handful of wild ones this morning.

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