Plaid and chambray bucket hat

I had originally intended to do a roundup of our handmade clothing from the past week but I ran out of motivation to get pictures each day.  O repeated the same few items of clothing and E is not particularly interested in cooperating for any photographs.  So instead, I bring you O’s new hat.

bucket hat : Lizzieville6

This is the reversible bucket hat from Little Things To Sew.  I made a size medium (3-5y, 20″) after trying on his sister’s hat and discovering that it fit just fine.  O’s head is big but I also think the sizing on this pattern might run small.  I didn’t add any inches to the brim this time but I wish I’d added at least a little.  This isn’t the best for actually keeping the sun off his face (and cheeks).  The hat is andover chambray in blue with a plaid of unknown origin for the reverse.

bucket hat : Lizzieville1

bucket hat : Lizzieville5

With E’s hat I added straps after the hat was finished and was never happy with how this looked.  So for O’s hat I cut out two fabrics strips (about 1.25 x 17 inches each), double folded as if for bias tape, and stitched along both edged.  I attached them to the hat after finishing Step 6 of “Making and Attach the Brim.”  I also made buttonholes so the straps could switch sides and the hat would still be reversible.  If you’re adding straps in this way I’d suggest assembling the less-busy side first (for me that was the solid blue) so that your hand stitching and the strap through the buttonhole all happen on the busy side (for me, the plaid).  You can see the strap attachment during construction here:

bucket hat : Lizzieville7

A few months ago my husband taught O to play peekaboo where he puts his baseball hat on O’s head and O pulls it off and laughs hysterically.  It is an adorable and fun game and we all love playing it with him.  Unfortunately this now means that O thinks any hat on his head is a game.  To slow him down a bit I made the straps extra-long to tie, rather than using velcro as I had on E’s hat.

bucket hat : Lizzieville4

While I was trying to get pictures O was busy pulling off the hat and crawling off the blanket.  

bucket hat : Lizzieville2bucket hat : Lizzieville3

This little baby is growing up.  But at least he now has a hat for the summer.


15 thoughts on “Plaid and chambray bucket hat

  1. So cute! I like the idea of the button holes so it can still be reversible. I want to make one for Eliot. I did give in and buy him one so we had something to protect his head and after wearing it a few times, he has finally stopped trying to take it off!

    • We’ll have to have hat practice times each day! This is a satisfying pattern if you decide to try it. If I had more time I’d make both kids a few more, since hats always seem to be going missing around here…

  2. So freaking cute. Yes, you need a very wide brim to shade those ample and voluminous cheeks!! LOL!

    Both my babies have resisted hats and wanted to take them off, even without us making a game of it, so I think it’s normal baby behavior!! Dang he is adorable. He is so deliciously chubby.

    • I keep thinking those cheeks will be going away soon, but not yet! And you’re right- E aways tried to take her hats off, too. Guess that’s just a normal baby response 🙂

    • Don’t they know we are trying to protect them from the sun!?! We usually avoid being out in the sun mid-day anyway because I hate the routine of getting all sun screened up! But for times when it can’t be avoided it’s fun to have some hats/ O is getting better at keeping it on with some practice and distraction 🙂

  3. That hat is adorable and good call on the ties. O has the most adorable profile I’ve ever seen! I think you’re right about the hat sizing – I totally should’ve made Oscar a medium, the small is already snug on him!

    • Thanks, Christine. It’s amazing how much I forgot in the 3.5 years between children. O will learn or do something and I’ll have totally forgotten that E went through the same stage. It is fun but also kind of sad. How much of babyhood and childhood I’ve already forgotten…

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