KCW : an outfit for E


It’s Summer Kid’s Clothes Week again.  This time around we were camping for most of the week so I only have two things to share.  I hope to squeeze in my hour of sewing tonight and get something for O completed.  Until then, E has some new summer clothes:

KCW outfit: Lizzieville 3

The top is blouse A from the Japanese sewing book Girly Style Wardrobe, in size 110.  The exterior fabric is quilting cotton from my grandmother, likely part of her collection of 1930’s inspired fabrics.  The print is actually a bit bizarre- some kind of Jack and Jill crossed with Humpty Dumpty, I suppose??  I used a light-weight red cotton for the lining.

tie top: Lizzieville 5 tie top: Lizzieville 1

This is a very simple pattern but I ended up making a few modifications.  I skipped the pockets and topstitching and added a full lining (rather than partial as in the pattern).  I also added to the length, but next time I’ll add to the middle (Liesl explains here) rather than adding on at the bottom, as this made the top really flare out.  In Japanese patterns I think E actually needs size 100 width and size 120 length, as this is too big on top.  But hopefully it will last until next summer.

My sewing pal Christine and I both had this book and we decided to try out one of the patterns together.  Her version is so sweet and I loved sewing together.  We’ll have to try something again soon.  It was also reassuring to have a buddy as this was my first Japanese pattern that wasn’t from a translation.  It turned out to be a fairly simple sew, apart from the fantastically crazy pattern sheet.

The shorts are Oliver+S class picnic shorts, size 4, in a lightweight denim.

Class picnic shorts: Lizzieville 4

I love this pattern.  I have already made two pairs of shorts (blue linen and modified green terry), and two blouses (umbrellas and flannel, some of my first sews for a tiny E).  I do feel like these shorts are a bit wide and too short on her.  She could probably fit into the size 4 again next summer if I lengthened the pattern.  Which is great because it makes me so sad that she is outgrowing all my Oliver+S patterns that end at size 3 and 4.  There are so many left to make or remake.  Sigh…

KCW outfit : Lizzieville 2

But we’ll enjoy them while we can.  And at least I have something to show for Kid’s Clothes Week.


17 thoughts on “KCW : an outfit for E

  1. I love the shorts. One of my favorite patterns. The top looks fun. I’ve been getting requests for tank tops from my daughter but I haven’t made any yet. Might try this one.

  2. What an adorable outfit! I’m not sure I know the difference between a lining an a facing because the half lining in this top made me think of the birthday party dress facing where it goes down partially and isn’t sewn at the bottom. I’ll do a full size lining next time just to avoid finishing more seams. Is it awful that I don’t know if I have the picnic pattern? I should check. I love the shorts. The two together with the fabric you used is perfect.

    • Hmm.. I guess I’m not sure what the different is between a lining and a facing, either! I did this one like the O+S roller skate dress, where the lining is slightly shorter and hemmed separately from the main fabric. The class picnic pattern is lovely if you don’t already have it! And the blouse is so nice for fall and spring.

    • Thanks! I’m trying to make more things (especially bottoms) in neutral colors to limit the crazy pattern matching we have at times. This denim was great, although surprisingly wrinkly right out of the dryer.

  3. I love this whole outfit! The top is beautifully simple but the ties are so sweet and clever! And the shorts – well, you know I love them. Your all-one-fabric versions of the Class Picnic Shorts (and Gail at Probably Actually with her contrast topstitching) were actually major inspirations for my recent blue linen pair! When the pattern first came out I was meh on it, I think because I didn’t adore the styling in the cover versions (lots of prints mixed together isn’t really my thing). Yours are so lovely and simple, they make the cut and design really sing. 🙂

    • Oh, and you know you’re a sewing mama when you get all verklempt cuz your kid grows out of the size range of your favorite patterns. But you’ll just have to buy the larger size range! 😉

      • Thanks, Inder! Your little class picnic outfit was so cute on Maggie. You even made both pieces of an O+S pattern, at the same time, which is something I never seem to manage! Gail’s sewing is such a huge source of inspiration- I’m pretty sure it was her use of this pattern that inspired me. And the sewing pattern outgrowing is causing me way more stress than it should. But to have E outgrow all these patterns without me having even sewn some of the pieces is driving me crazy! And then to decide which to re-buy in the bigger sizes and how much to just wait for all the wonderful patterns I’m sure will be released. You’re right- crazy sewing mama problems, for sure 🙂

  4. Ohhhh, I have this book next time please (please, pretty please) count me in. I will probably have to size up the patterns, but I don’t mind that at all.
    This top was one of the first things I sewed for R., and now I’m missing my baby girl. They grow up sooooo fast ❤

    • Oh, that would be so fun to have a group of us sewing together! I’m finishing up some summer projects and then I’m ready to tackle another one. Have you made any of the other patterns in the book? Are any of them catching you eye? And I agree- they do grow up so fast!!

        • These are so fun! We’re all caught up in vacation prep right now but I’ll take a better look when I get back. One pattern looked interesting but then had almost no picture directions, so that’s out!

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