In the garden : July

It is the end of the month, so I figured it was time for another garden update.

July garden : Lizzieville4

I’ve already pulled out the garlic to dry and the onions are ready to harvest as well.  And once again, the weeds have taken over between the rows.  I can gather enough energy to water and harvest produce, but not for all that weeding.  Some of our plants are also growing far into the rows.  Next year I think I’m going to mix things up a bit, making fewer but wider beds.  This should make for less weeding and give things a bit more room to spread.  As it stands I can hardly get between some of the rows:

July garden : Lizzieville5

This has been a particular issue with the zucchini.  They are already sneaky, but when you can’t get close to peer under leaves they really go crazy.  Especially when you also go camping for a few days.  I’ve been trying to find more recipes that involve lots of zucchini.  I had to laugh when I found a recipe for zucchini boats, calling for 1.5×5 inch zucchini.  That was clearly not going to work.

July garden : Lizzieville2 July garden : Lizzieville3

We also have lovely cucumbers, enough that I was able to make a batch of these refrigerator dill pickles.  Dill pickles are some of my favorite foods and I have fond memories of our family canning pickles as a child.  I’m still overwhelmed by regular canning, so this refrigerator method was perfect.

The beans are starting to grow and I’m always amazed by how fast they appear.  The wax beans are ready and the pole beans are reaching beyond their poles.

July garden : Lizzieville8 July garden : Lizzieville6

And the tomatoes.  If the weather stays warm we are going to have so many tomatoes.  My favorites, the little yellow sun sugar and sun gold plants have been some of the early producers. Last year I realized that tomatoes ripen in order, with those closest to the main stem ready first.  Of course this makes sense, but somehow I’d never taken the time to notice.

July garden : Lizzieville7

So the garden is humming along and I’m starting to dream about next year.  I had to buy dill for the refrigerator pickles and it made me want to grow more herbs.  And then I saw this lovely post and decided we definitely need more flowers.

I’d love to know what’s growing in your part of the world these days.


2 thoughts on “In the garden : July

  1. Your garden looks wonderful. I love zucchini. I wish I were your neighbor 🙂 I get overwhelmed by canning too. I made strawberry jam a few a weeks ago and am trying to prepare myself to go raspberry picking and make more tomorrow. But I may talk myself out of it though I love enjoying the final product all year. I have a few green tomatoes that my kids haven’t picked yet so that is a success.

    • I would love to be neighbors! I would happily pass along all kinds of things. And we could chat about sewing projects- so fun! Making jam sounds lovely. I’ve made blackberry in the past, just using wax to seal the top. It was a lot of work but nice to have all year, you are right!

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