KCW : seersucker dungarees


I did manage to get a third item done for Kid’s Clothes Week.  These overalls are from the book Sewn With Love.  I made the smallest size, 18-24 months.  The fabric is Kaufman seersucker in sky.

seersucker dungarees : lizzieville1

This book has super cute, vintage inspired clothing but there are some issues with the pattern pieces and the directions.  This was a common theme in the Amazon.com reviews.  Oliver + S, these patterns are not.  I had some serious doubts that it would all come together.  But in the end it (mostly) did.

seersucker dungarees : lizzieville4 seersucker dungarees : lizzieville2

There are some sweet details in this pattern and I like the straps and how the shorts section isn’t gathered at the bib.  Little kids in seersucker make me happy and I like all the possibilities with the stripes.  I think it does make a more formal looking outfit though, more suitable for a wedding or fancy brunch or something.  We have nothing of the kind planned so O will have to wear these in the backyard.

seersucker dungarees : lizzieville5

Also, the fit on O is a little bizarre.  The crotch pulls too tight (even without a cloth diaper) and the waist is too big.

seersucker dungarees : lizzieville3

So, does anyone have a favorite overalls pattern?  I think I could use what I learned in this pattern and add a bib and straps to a different pants pattern that fits O, but a complete pattern would be easier.  Some little corduroy overalls would be perfect for the fall.


16 thoughts on “KCW : seersucker dungarees

    • That is so adorable! I want to make it now! I’ve never made a Citronille pattern before and I speak no french. I wonder how tricky it would be. Are there any pictures? Or do you pretty much just have to figure it out from the pattern pieces? Maybe I’ll try one of their English-translations first to get a feel for how things are set up.

      • No Lizzy, no pictures, just drawings, and not the best ones I might add (japanese patterns are a milion times better in that department). I too don’t speak french, but I can understand some words when I’m reading as they are similar to portuguese ones. The only part I had to figure out for myself and that I’m not happy with the final result were the side tabs, the rest is easy-peasy 😉

  1. They are adorable! What a shame about the book because I love vintage-old fashioned patterns. I read your comment above. I just bought the Alice Citronille pattern. Are you up for making another coat/jacket?

    • That’s right- I remember your picture on instagram! It looks like you can buy the English patterns online. That coat is cute! I’m planning to make E another Sunday Brunch jacket (I think she’ll fit into a lengthened size 3) and then maybe I’ll try this pattern.

  2. Oh my gosh. So cute. I love vintage looking baby clothes on boys. I’d love to see what Nicole finds. I don’t love my overalls pattern. Burda 9711. But it is the one I own so it’s the one I use for now.

    • Thanks, Emily! I’m learning that making clothes for boys is quite fun. And it’s actually kind of nice that there aren’t as many patterns out there. I don’t get quite so overwhelmed 🙂

    • Those are adorable! I wonder if I could whip up a pair in Essex linen for O before he outgrows the sizing. Or maybe recreate them next summer using the sunny day shorts. Who knew boy sewing could be so fun!

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