First birthday crown + overalls

Well goodness, it’s been a long time.  Our home internet was out for a long while and now that it’s finally back I have quite a backlog of projects to share.  But since it’s a new month I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.  So today, a few things I made for Mister O’s first birthday.

With E I started a tradition of making a first birthday crown that is then used each year at her birthday.  I made a similar crown for O, using the same pattern from here.   Birthday crown : Lizzieville5Birthday crown : Lizzieville3

It’s mostly wool felt with a bit of ribbon, hand sewn with embroidery floss.  The back is elastic with felt sewn to the front.  I love a good hand sewing project, although the pressure of making something that will last and that I’ll want to look at every birthday into the future was a bit overwhelming.

Birthday crown : Lizzieville1

Birthday crown : Lizzieville2

I also wanted to make him something to wear to his party.  Early September weather can go either way around these parts so I debated on the best pattern.  But when the forecast was for the low 80s I whipped up some spruce suspender shorts at the last-minute, after Gail‘s excellent suggestion on a previous post.

Alder shorts : Lizzieville 6

Alder shorts : Lizzieville1

The fabric is essex yarn dyed linen in black in a size 18 months (the largest size in the pattern).  I ended up using 3/8 seams because I realized that this was going to be a tight fit on O.  He generally wears 12 or 18 month clothing and easily fits into 18 month Oliver+S clothes, so I think this pattern might run a bit small.  My only change was to add pockets from the Oliver+S lullaby layette pattern because I just love those pockets so much.  The flat front construction on these was quite clever and the entire pattern was easy to follow.

Alder shorts : Lizzieville2Alder shorts : Lizzieville5

My only issue with the pattern is that we could not keep those straps on O’s shoulders.  I even safety-pinned them tighter and they still slipped off.  I’m thinking that’s why most overalls have the front bib part?  Does that change the strap angle enough that they stay put?  Luckily the straps are attached with buttons at the front and back so they can be quickly removed and you’re still left with some adorable shorts.

O did wear the crown and shorts together at his party, but of course I didn’t capture any decent pictures of him wearing both.  He was actually not a huge fan of the crown, truth be told…

Birthday crown : Lizzieville4

Oh, little guy, I cannot believe you are one!


11 thoughts on “First birthday crown + overalls

  1. Aw, he is such an adorable little (big!) guy, happy first birthday to you both! I love him in the suspender shorts, the pockets are a great addition. But how annoying that the straps wouldn’t stay on! Anyway, I’ve missed your projects, glad you’re back!

    • Thanks, Gail! I think I could have tacked the back straps together and helped the situation a bit, but of course these were made last minute so there wasn’t much time for alterations! Thanks for the pattern recommendation!

  2. There is just too much cuteness here to be contained in one post! The crown is awesome and those suspenders! Just wow! Wish I could have made a pair of those for Jude when he was a wee one. O could not be cuter. You must kiss those cheeks a million times a day!

    • Aw thanks, Rachel. I’m starting to really enjoy making little boy clothes. It’s kind of nice that there are fewer patterns out there, so I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed by all the choices! And his cheeks gets a lot of kisses. Better yet, he’s started to give kisses back. Love!

  3. CHUBBERS. If there is anything cuter than a baby in suspender shorts, it has to be a chubby baby in slightly tight suspender shorts! You’re killing me! And the crown is so cute! What a fun idea! Happy birthday baby boy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your adorable boy!!! oh those suspender shorts are so cute. And I love the crown and the idea of the crown. I’m looking forward to more posts and seeing what you have been up to.

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