Catching up : a new season of knitting

I took a little break from knitting, but near the end of summer I felt compelled to pull out my knitting bag and get back to work.

knitting : Lizzieville1

I remembered that knitting is the perfect project to have sitting around.  I can knit a few rounds while the kids play in the backyard or chase each other around the living room.  I’m still kind of annoyed at my lack of control in knitting and the weird holes that always seem to be created.  But, I figure I can only get better with practice.  I started with a quick little dress for one of E’s stuffed animals.  She was given a set of three cat cubs (cheetah, snow leopard, and tiger) and these are some of her most loved toys.  Sadly they are tiny enough that they don’t fit into most of her doll dress-up clothes. So I made this little dress (Ravelry notes here), modified from a doll dress pattern I’d used before:

Sweater dress for cub : Lizzieville2 Sweater dress for cub : Lizzieville1

Next, I returned to one of my favorite baby hats, the modern baby bonnet.  O’s versions are here (the larger size still barely fits), and the new version was a gift for a friend’s little baby boy.  My Ravelry notes for this new hat are here, and O kindly modeled the hat:

Modern baby bonnet : Lizzieville 1

I then started a hat for my father’s birthday.  He’s commented a few times on O’s cable baby hat so I sized up the pattern to make him a hat of his own.  Sizing up baby size/fingering weight to adult size/worsted weight was a bit tricky and I ended up ripping out the top of the hat and adding a few rounds (Ravelry notes here).  I hope this will be a good hat for my father’s many hiking and outdoor adventures.  This picture is the original version, as I forgot to get a picture of the final hat.

cable hat : Lizzieville1

Most of my knitting has been for the kids and I figured it was time to knit a hat for J.  So for his birthday this month I knit the Turn a Square pattern with some lovely Malabrigo wool (my Ravelry notes here).  I did manage to tangle up one of these yarns into such a mess than it took many hours to untangle, but otherwise I enjoyed the knitting process.

turn a square hat : Lizzieville1

I used the leftover multi-color yarn from above to make a first birthday gift for one of O’s little friends.  This is the Purl Soho garter ear flap hat in a toddler size (Ravelry notes here).

Garter stitch earflap hat: Lizzieville 6

I misread the directions and so the hat is taller than it should be and has an unintended gnome feel, but even so I really loved this pattern.  O modeled the hat for some pictures before wrapping up the gift.

Garter stitch earflap hat: Lizzieville 7Garter stitch earflap hat: Lizzieville 8

I love that little tassel on top.  I also didn’t think it was possible to make O’s cheeks look any rounder, but there you go.  I was planning to knit this style hat for O but he removed the hat between every picture I took, so I’ve cast on for a hat with an under-chin tie instead.

Garter stitch earflap hat: Lizzieville 9

Anyone else pulling out the knitting needles with the changing seasons?

9 thoughts on “Catching up : a new season of knitting

  1. Love all your projects!!!! I had gotten bored with knitting wips and last weekend made a cowl for myself. It was fun. I want to make new hats for the kids too and maybe a sweater for Stella. I should really finish her sweater I started last Spring but it is a Spring sweater and I grew so tired of it though it is almost finished. My husband complains that I have never made him anything so maybe I’ll make him a hat. He is just so picky that I’ve been afraid to.

    • Thanks, Christine! The cowl sounds lovely, especially as the weather grows colder. I have a tendency to finish most knitting and sewing projects I start because I really like crossing things off my list. But the flip side is that I often continue on with projects even when I’ve determined they are not working out. My time would be much better spent moving on to something else! At least hats are fast, so if your husband doesn’t like the hat at least minimal time and yarn have been dedicated to the project 🙂

  2. These are great!! Although I am super distracted by those squishy cheeks in the last photo! So cute! I am not much of a knitter, although one day I feel I will get the “bug” – it’s only a matter of time for a dabbler like me. But right now I’m crocheting my heart out and LOVING it. It has many of the benefits you describe – I can do a granny square while watching my kids have a bath. It’s very fast and portable. Love that.

    • I bet your knitting would be wonderful! Although does your weather call for knits very often? I guess that might be less motivating. I didn’t knit until a few years ago when friends started knitting and I wanted to join in on monthly knit nights! I tried to croquet briefly and couldn’t get the hang of it, but I like the granny square idea because it looks really repetitive. I’ve had to pull out so many rows when I make mistakes while trying to parent and knit at the same time. I really want to order this croquet pattern from Alica Paulson and use up some yarn and make a blanket! Maybe after Christmas.

    • Thanks, Nicole! Knitting makes me very happy, although it also makes me very frustrated 🙂 But the kids have gotten a lot of use out of their knits, so it’s worth the effort!

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