Catching up: sewing for E

I have one more catching-up post before Kid’s Clothes Week begins tomorrow.  These are all things made for E over the past few months.  Sorry for the long post, but there were some fun ones (and some good learning experiences) here and I wanted to record my notes.

geranium cape shirt : Lizzieville3Last spring I made E a cape shirt following this tutorial by Tara from Girl Like The Sea.  It is a very easy tutorial to follow and the results are so fun.  I used a flashback skinny tee as the base.  The tshirt fabric is from an old maternity tee (no need to hem- love!) and the rainbow fabric was a very thin knit from Girl Charlee.  This shirt has gotten a lot of use in our dress-up box lately and I’ll definitely be making more of these as gifts and for play.

cape shirt 2: Lizzieville1geranium cape shirt : Lizzieville1

I also made E the wide leg pants from the Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids book last spring, but she didn’t wear them until this fall.

sew chic kids pants : Lizzieville1

This is an easy, stylish pattern and I do like the back pockets.  I think these are the size 2 width and size 4 length.  They are already getting short on her and the wide legs are a pain to stick into her boots for preschool.  So, I have some other patterns on my to-make list for E as we move into the rainy season around here.

sew chic kids pants : Lizzieville2

I also returned to one of my very first Oliver+S sews, the Class Picnic Blouse.  I decided to try this in a knit fabric to maximize the changes of it actually getting worn.

class picnic tunic : Lizzieville1

class picnic tunic : Lizzieville3

This is a french terry, which ended up being a bit too heavy-weight for this pattern but sure was easy to sew.  I also successfully used the double needle on the hems, which felt like a big accomplishment since the double needle broke last project.  I used a size 3 with quite a bit of length added to make a tunic-length shirt.  Knits stretch so much more than wovens, so I should have used a size 2 as a base.   It’s in the too-big box right now as the neck is especially large.  But I do think making this pattern in knits has potential!

class picnic tunic : Lizzieville2

And finally, I made an Oliver+S badminton skort.  E wore skorts constantly this summer so I figured I should really give this pattern a try.  This is a size 4 with one inch of added length.  This pattern never felt full enough to me, so I added width to the skirt piece by comparing the pattern to one of E’s other skorts.  I ended up using almost the entire width of the fabric.

badminton skort : Lizzieville4 badminton skort : Lizzieville3 badminton skort : Lizzieville2

This is such a practical and cute pattern and I’ll definitely be returning to it next spring.  My fabric choice on this, unfortunately, was not great.  I think normal denim would be fine, but the denim I used (same as her coat here) was quite stiff because of the painted spots.  You can see how the skirt sticks out and the seam connecting the skirt and shorts will not lie flat despite topstitching.  The shorts are french terry and I used a light-weight shirting for the skirt facing:

badminton skort : Lizzieville1

I was going to skip the scallops but E wanted the pattern as shown on the envelope.  I recently introduced her to the Oliver+S paper dolls online.  For whatever reason I didn’t think she’d have much interest in them, but she loved playing with them.  I also printed/copied off the patterns I owned and made her a paper set of clothes and dolls. We’ve had so much fun, and she now asks me to make patterns by name.

paper dolls : Lizzieville1

And now I am finally caught up!  Thank you for reading!


15 thoughts on “Catching up: sewing for E

  1. It is a shame the wide leg pants are not too practical at the moment – they sure are so cute! I love those pockets too. The picnic blouse is darling! I have only quickly looked at it before and did not realise it was not intended for knits? I love your version! I usually say bigger is better than smaller 😉 Have fun sewing for KCW 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenya! The pattern is recommended for woven fabrics but I was willing to task a risk 🙂 The shoulder elastic casings were a bit tricky in a knit and I made a few changes to the construction order/methods but otherwise it worked. And I agree, bigger is definitely better!

  2. Oh! This is timely for me. Those Happy Homemade pants were on my list but I suspected the kids would veto them because of the boots:) I’m glad I checked here first! I love the class picnic blouse too – but am worried also about the practicality. Making it in a knit makes sense, though – clever! Dear designers – more clothes for playing and wearing please:)

    Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with this week!

    • I was just admiring your latest KCW pants! I’m putting those on my list of possible pants that fit with boots 🙂 E did actually wear her woven class picnic blouses (especially the one I made in flannel) but that was a few years ago and she’s since grown a bit more picky. And I agree- more play clothes patterns needed!

  3. She is so cute!!! I love the clothes especially the skort. I have that pattern and will have to try when it is warm enough for Stella to wear it. I love paper dolls. I am waiting to introduce Stella to them when I know she’ll be so careful with them.

    • The skort really was a nice sew. And if you left off the scallops it would also be super quick! The paper dolls have taken a bit of a beating around here (partly because O gets ahold of them now and then), so I’m thankful I didn’t use the originals 🙂 I printed the ones I bought as digital and used our scanner to copy/print the other ones. E wanted to help with the cutting and so I knew we might need a few tries!

  4. Oooh, I’m so glad you posted a catch up post. I love it all so much. I made those same pants for Tia and she didn’t wear them much either. It’s a shame because they are so cute! And that rose dress couldn’t be any more perfect!

    • Thank you, Rachel! E has a lack of pants right now so these are getting some wear but they are definitely not her favorite! I do think it would be lovely as a pajama pants pattern, so I may try that at some point.

    • Thank you! I’m definitely a pattern-lover as I learn so many nice tricks (and I always find it easier to modify rather than create from scratch!). Oliver+S and Made By Rae both have some lovely free patterns if you wanted to give something a try before really committing.

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