KCW : a kinda-sorta Anna costume

We were seriously late to the Frozen party, but ever since seeing the movie this summer E has been smitten.  Despite some initial talk about being Glinda from The Wizard of Oz, she  eventually decided to be Anna for Halloween.

I had such a hard time getting motivated to make this costume.  Finally I just decided to make something Anna-like, using patterns and fabrics I had and enjoyed.  It may be lacking in authenticity, but E is happy enough.  Which is good because oh my goodness, did this costume ever take a long time!  And technically speaking it was completely before Kid’s Clothes Week, but I’m breaking the rules a bit because my only other project (O’s costume) is also taking a very long time.

Anna costume : Lizzieville6Anyway, the details.  I decided to make a dress and a pinafore for the main costume.  The pale blue dress is the smock dress (pattern E) from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids.  I like the sleeves and the front detail on this pattern and it also comes with sweet little pockets that I might add later.  It is size 110/4 with the equivalent of an 8 in length.  The main fabric is Kaufman pinpoint shirting with some Kaufman lawn for the bindings.  The shirting is quite lovely and I can see using it for other projects.  I completed this piece first and E thought it looked like a nightgown and wore it to bed for quite a few nights.  I agree that it definitely has a nightgown vibe (which seems common in Japanese patterns).

Anna costume : Lizzieville1

Anna costume : Lizzieville7

The pinafore is a modified Made By Rae Geranium dress using the scallops from the Oliver+S badminton pattern for the skirt trim/facing.   I used ric rac trim (instead of the gold ribbon on the original) because that’s what I had on hand.  I’ve never added trim/piping to anything before and it wasn’t actually that difficult.

Anna costume : Lizzieville3 Anna costume : Lizzieville4 Anna costume : Lizzieville2

At this point the costume wasn’t looking much like the movie, especially since I decided to skip the flowers on the bodice and skirt edge because I didn’t feel like dealing with fabric paint.  So I decided to buy some cheap fabric for the cape from Jo-Ann.  I used a bit of a Japanese pattern for the cape but mostly made it up as I went along.  There is a little shot cotton for the trims because that polyester was depressing to work with.

Anna costume : Lizzieville10

And there you have it.  One Halloween costume complete!

Anna costume : Lizzieville5

20 thoughts on “KCW : a kinda-sorta Anna costume

  1. It is a beautiful costume. I love everything about it. I extra love the flower fabric on the pinafore. E is a beautiful Anna. I couldn’t help but notice her cool shoes too.

  2. I fully support you in the choice to make a costume that you felt good about! I am tasked with making an Elsa and I do not want to. I even bought the pattern but my daughter and I talked and we’re going to go with a comfy, knit version. I feel like it might work after having seen your Anna:) And I love that you took the opportunity to experiment with a Happy Homemade pattern!

    • Thank, Brienne! The Happy Homemade pattern worked pretty well except that I needed some more hand-holding on the construction of the front pleats. Good luck with your Elsa! I knit versions sounds lovely and perfect!

  3. Ah, I love it! I confess I haven’t even seen Frozen (Joe is more obsessed with the Lego Movie) but I like that this dress will be a fun dress-up item or even everyday dress – it transcends a specific costume and is a very pretty outfit!

  4. Wow. I love it! I’m normally not one for Disney princesses, however, I am all for renaissance-style princesses. Why is that? Maybe because it feels like there’s something so wholesome about them? And I don’t mean the Disney thing to sound judgmental at all. I’m kind of laughing at myself for the double standard. Anyway, this costume is awesome. I love it. Your effort paid off.

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