Sunday brunch

The Oliver+S sunday brunch jacket was one of my first sewing projects for E.  I was so unsure of myself that my mother in law kindly made the button holes on the coat because I was so nervous I’d mess everything up (little E wearing her jacket here).  I made the size 2 and she’s worn it up until this fall, despite it being short.   It is one of the most-worn items I’ve ever made and I just love the pattern.  With the bias binding inside it feels so lovely and finished even without using a serger.

My pattern only goes up to a size 3 but I figured that E could still squeeze into the jacket if I made it right now and added length.  I’ve been thinking about this jacket since the summer.  Contemplating fabric choices.  Decided how I wanted to alter the pattern this go around.  And now I finally got it made. 
sunday brunch : Lizzieville 2

I love the original pattern but I always felt it would be nice with a hood.  I love hoods.  So I used the hood pattern from the Oliver+S school days coat (size 3).  I deepened the neckline a bit and rounded out the front sections of the bodice in a very unscientific way to make the hood fit.  I also added 3 inches to the length and 1 inch to the sleeve.

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 6

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 1

The main fabric is Andover Chambay in eggplant with Heather Ross Far Far Away for the lining and shot cotton for the bias binding.  I really like Andover Chambray-  the colors are gorgeous and it doesn’t wrinkle as much as similar fabrics.  The buttons are sort of eccentric and from a local yarn shop.  Why is it that yarn shops have so much better buttons than fabric stores?

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 3

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 7

About halfway through applying the many pieces of bias binding (I even did those arms!) I realized it would have been much easier to make a complete lining and would have given the lightweight chambray a bit more heft.  But I do like the little pop of green that the bias adds and it feels like a signature part of this pattern.

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 4

I’m happy to have made this pattern twice before E outgrows it.  With the added length this jacket should last a while.  Which is handy since the weather has turned downright chilly this last week.

sunday brunch : Lizzieville 5 And now, on to holiday sewing!

31 thoughts on “Sunday brunch

  1. it’s gorgeous! those bound seams inside are my favorite! i love the added hood, nice job with that. super cute little jacket, and man, is she ever cute!

    • Thanks, Gail! I originally bought this pattern after seeing your lovely version and then copying it in a different color 🙂 It was fun to return to this pattern two years later.

    • Thanks- the colors in this line of fabric are all gorgeous. I want to buy a couple yards of each just to ave on hand. And thanks for stopping by! The name of your blog is great- I’m off to check out your sewing now!

  2. I am so impressed that one of your first sewing projects was the Sunday Brunch.
    This is a lovely clean modern look on a timeless jacket. The facings and binding are a beautiful touch and the buttons are perfect.

    The gorgeous girl is the cherry on the top.

    • Aw thanks, Nicole! I’d done a fair bit of sewing in childood and making theatre costumes in school but quality/finished insides were never a priority. So I was used to using glue guns, lots of velcro, and such. Finding Oliver+S was so lovely because I got to learn proper sewing techniques.

  3. Clearly, you have come a long way since being afraid to do buttonholes! So nice when we can gauge our own growth (I still have doing buttonholes, though). Beautiful jacket, love the coordinating fabrics.

    • Thanks, Kristi! Someone about those button holes- I guess cutting into your fabric at the very last step just feels so risky! But it was fun to return to a pattern two years later. Maybe I’ll buy the bigger size and try it again in another couple years. Or maybe there is a way to make a boy version somehow. hmmm…..

  4. It is beautiful. I love the inside even more than the out! And the outside is lovely. I’m so impressed you figured out how to add a hood. It looks wonderful. That last picture is too cute! Thank you for reminding me if I want to use my pattern that I better make it ASAP. I should really go through my patterns and check which ones only go up to 3T.

    • Thanks, Christine! The hood fit better than I was expecting. I really wish I could have sewn a few more of my 3T patterns for E (sailboat skirt, sailboat shirt, 2+2 skirt, sunday brunch skirt, school days as a raincoat, other jump rope dress view…..). Man, typing them all out makes me depressed! I know that I can buy PDFs for the larger sizes but I really prefer the paper versions. Oh well- this was a super fun project at least and O+S never disappoints!

      • I know a shop in Maine you can call up and they probably still have the school days coat in the larger size (paper version) -they did a month ago. I really prefer paper too and dream about a paper playdate dress pattern. I just ordered some antique salmon herringbone wool suiting for this jacket online (I hope I love it in person) and I plan to make a matching Alicia Paulson bonnet to go with it. Stella is about to outgrow that pattern too.

        • Really! That is tempting. Although E doesn’t actually wear that coat all that much but I think a cozy waterproof version might get more wear in this climate. I’ll email to get the shop info from you! And I look forward to seeing your salmon coat and cap- that sounds so lovely!

  5. Oh sweet, Elizabeth! The hood addition was very smart. And the bias tape finish is amazing. Do you think that it would work to quilt this jacket? Or to add a fuzzy lining? Is it roomy enough?

    • Thank you- I just love hoods. You just never know when it is going to rain. I’ve found the sizing to be generous but I worry that it might be a bit snug through the armpit area with a full lining. I might try it anyway 🙂 Or I might try the Nituna jacket pattern that came with a pattern bundle I bought a while back. I think it is lined and with a hood. I would love to see a quilted jacket made by you!!

  6. Oh, I just love it! My daughter would greatly approve of your fabric choices (pink! frogs! pink!) and they look so cute together! And a hood! Genius! This is the perfect near-year-round light layer for us Pacific Coasters. So nice.

  7. I just discovered your blog and am so happy to be here. the jacket is gorgeous and your daughter has the loveliest smile. love the hood addition. i hope I am brave enough one day to add it.

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