Library dress, knit style

library dress : Lizzieville 3E is crazy about dresses and tights these days.  While searching through my patterns I considered making her another Oliver+S library dress because I love the style and the slim fit.  But I remembered that this pattern takes a long time to put together and it buttons up the entire back.  I don’t like finding buttons, making button holes, sewing on buttons, and ending up with a dress that E can’t get into or out of by herself.  E also hardly wore the other one I made.  But Melissa from Meow Made created the perfect pattern modifications that address all my concerns.  She shared her tutorial here to use knit fabric and four of the library dress pattern pieces to make this comfy dress.  It has no closures and uses less than a yard of fabric.  The tutorial is very clear and the sewing process is easy and surprisingly fun.

library dress : Lizzieville 2

Better yet, E absolutely adores the dress and digs through the clean laundry to wear it immediately out of the dryer.  The fabric is a thick, cheap cotton-rayon blend that was easy to work with but hasn’t washed well (it’s already pilling quite a bit).  I figured this was a muslin using what I had on hand but it works nicely as a play dress and I like the festive green color.  Next time I’ll either use a print or contrasting fabric for the waist and neck bindings.

library dress : Lizzieville 5 library dress : Lizzieville 4

I used the size 3 pattern pieces (modified following the tutorial directions) with some extra length.  It is a nice snug fit.  I ordered some more knits to make this up again and I may trace out the size 4 to get longer wear. I also might decrease the width of the neckband and not overlap it quite as much so that the neck isn’t as high/tight.  But even as is, this is one of the most most-loved (and easiest) dresses I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to make a few more.  Thank you Liesl and Melissa for such a clever dress!

library dress : Lizzieville 1

And it’s perfect for showing off your dance moves.

17 thoughts on “Library dress, knit style

  1. What a lovley adaptation of a pattern! It looks super comfy. Muslin or not, I am sure your little girl will enjoy wearing it. My daughter also is striving for independance, so I am on a look out for patterns for clothes she can put on and take off by herself.

    • Thanks! At home and at preschool E spends quite a bit of the day getting into and out of various dress up outfits, so self-dressing is a must 🙂 I think your LM would love this pattern in knits and the original version is lovely as well!

  2. I’m glad it worked for you. I love what you did with it – bummer that the fabric is pilling but they are really easy to make once you get the hang of it. My daughter always goes for these as well…anything knit and comfy is always easy with her.

    • Thank you, and thank you again for your brilliant tutorial! I’d contemplated removing the back buttons in some way but had no idea how to go about it until I saw your dress. And I agree- I think I can whip up a few more of these in no time!

    • Thanks Kirsten! She’s not really into following my suggestions for photo taking these days so I take what I can get. And she spotted those bright yellow tights at the Hanna Andersson outlet. I was going to say no until I saw the $3 price tag and figured why not.

  3. love, love this! It is reminiscent of a Tea Collection design, which is as huge favorite at our house. Now that you have one “muslin” under your belt, it will be fun to make lots of versions of this! Love this tights with it as well:)

    • Yes- I believe that Melissa based her alterations off of a Tea dress. Good eye! And those yellow tights- I think I need to plan some dresses around them because they are her favorite 🙂

  4. What a great dress!!!!! I love the color and the dance moves. I was just thinking of buying the library pattern because of the sale. I think I’ll only be making size four dresses now for my Stella which makes me less quick to buy her a new oliver and s pattern.

    • Thanks, Christine! I’m in the same place for sizes. I’m buying the bigger size ranges of O+S now which means that I can’t actually sew any of them. But I have enough of the smaller size range to keep me busy 🙂 But if you do get this one I think Stella would like it. Super comfy and fast to sew!

  5. Ah, I love the dresses and tights phase! The Library dress is so great (I loved your first one) and this is such a smart adaptation. Knits make everything better. Such a pretty color on her, too. 🙂

    • Thanks! I have no idea how long this phases will last, so I’d better enjoy it now! The adaption is quite clever and easy. I’m anxiously awaiting a fabric shipment to make another one. I’m also trying to branch out from all purple, all the time 🙂

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