Little plaid vest


I had big plans for holiday outfit sewing but, as always, I’ve gotten more reasonable the later we get into December.  And so for O I made a little Oliver+S art museum vest.


I made the 18-24 month size but wish I’d sewn the 2T or maybe even the 2T with added length.  The vest feels a bit short to me.  But mostly, I just wanted to name this post “I made welt pockets!”  And they weren’t even that tricky.  A few more steps than other pockets but nothing too technical.  I almost skipped the pockets (which would have made this a very fast sew) but decided to give them a try here before trying them on the matching art museum pants pattern.  I love tiny pockets.


I made two modifications- I used snaps as a closure and didn’t make the back tie.  This made the vest reversible so he can wear the blue striped side after Christmas.  This is such a darling little pattern and I look forward to trying it again soon.  We need to find some more vest-appropriate occasions to attend in the near future.



Capturing pictures of a 15 month old who just wants to spend all day climbing (and eating play dough) is a bit tricky.  This guy is ready to live it up this holiday season.

DSC_0537E saw the vest and asked if I could make her a dress in matching fabric.  Trouble is, I only have a couple small scraps left- enough for maybe pockets and a little trim or something. The fabric is probably a couple decades old and from my grandmother so I can’t buy more.  Anyone have a good pattern/main fabric idea??

20 thoughts on “Little plaid vest

  1. Gorgeous little vest, and I love it with the little jeans! Could you make your daughter a denim dress with accents of plaid to match his whole outfit? Maybe a Family Reunion dress with plaid at the neckline?

  2. good lord, that is adorable! for the dress, what about a solid geranium with plaid piping under the bodice, or plaid patch pockets? or a solid rollerskate with plaid neck facing? they’re going to be adorable together! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I realized while editing the pictures that I haven’t yet washed off the fabric marker placement dots. But those pockets really went together nicely. Not that I was expecting anything less from O+S, but still.

  3. You just made me want to sew vest!!! It is wonderful. He is just so adorable. I love that your daughter wants something matching. What a about a jumprope dress with the covered buttons matching and the bias (or whatever it is called at the top of the pockets matching)? She could wear it more than just the holiday.

    • You should! They are so cute. And there just aren’t all that many dress up things for boys. Jumprope dress is another great idea! It would be a good excuse to buy the pattern in the next size up 🙂

  4. Very cute and such a great idea to make it reversible! I’m always torn over how Christmasy to make Christmas outfits. Hate to invest all that time for such specific wear.

  5. He is the cutest as always and I love the little vest too! Very Christmasy but still wearable at other times too! Plus it’s reversible, so yeah! Win! Oooh, a simple little denim or navy a-line dress with patch pockets and trim at the neck? Or I love Gail’s Geranium idea too.

    • Thank you, Inder! I think denim is the definite winner. Now to compare my various pieces of fabric to the various pattern ideas and see what combo is the winner! But first I have some Christmas pjs to finish up. I may have been a bit over-ambitious on my holiday sewing despite paring me list dow quite a few times 🙂

  6. Holy cuteness! I don’t think it’s too small, it’s just that perfect little vest on a little fella size.
    Do you have the Library dress pattern? Is there enough plaid for the waistband? then perhaps the dress in a solid cream or navy, or really Christmassy, a red that matches the plaid.

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