A dress to match

You may recall that E requested a dress to match her little brother’s plaid Christmas vest.  I asked for pattern advice and received so many wonderful suggestions. Thank you!  I loved the idea of a denim dress and compared my denim and odd-shaped scrap of plaid fabric to the suggested patterns.  The winner was one of Gail’s suggestions- a geranium dress with piping at the waist.  I’ve made this pattern many times before and it is a winner.  The fit is perfect and there are lots of fun options.

christmas geranium : lizzieville 1 christmas geranium : lizzieville 4

I made a 4T bodice with a 5T skirt, cap sleeves and the u-shaped cut out.  I used an old dress that was either light denim or heavier chambray for the main fabric and the scraps of plaid for piping and covered buttons.  I have limited experience with piping and Inder was kind enough to give me some advice when I was stuck.  I ended up using some cording from a lacing card game to avoid running to the store for proper cording.  And I’m still not sure how to work the cording on the ends where the dress meets in the back.  What is the best way to do this? I love the look piping adds so I need to learn more about proper usage.

christmas geranium : lizzieville 6

christmas geranium : lizzieville 3I hadn’t tried the neck cut-outs before and ended up real liking what is added to an otherwise plain dress.  I also had plaid patch pockets all ready to sew on but couldn’t decide on the proper placement and then decided I liked the dress fine without, at least for now.  E was happy to have her matching dress and told me that she didn’t need pockets anyway because she didn’t have anything to put in them.

christmas geranium : lizzieville 7

I had no intention of making matching Christmas outfits this year until E asked.  But I am glad I jumped at the chance and gave it a try as it turned into a fun challenge.

christmas geranium : lizzieville 8 christmas geranium : lizzieville 9

Wishing you lots of merriment and good hugs this holiday season!


24 thoughts on “A dress to match

  1. It’s so beautiful! And I agree, the cutout makes the dress more special. I love the picture at the end with them hugging. What darling kids you have. Merry Christmas, friend!

    • Thanks Shelley! Now I just have the v neck and inseams pocket options left to try for this dress. Usually I stick with oliver+s but this pattern sure has been a great one.

  2. Super cute outfits and kids! I added flat piping to an oliver + s playtime dress and also had a hard time figuring out what to do at the ends. I think I tried to tuck the ends back into the seam, which is what it looks like you did. That was probably easier with flat piping though. I’ll be interested if anybody else has better suggestions!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your piping thoughts! I cut the cording off shorter than the fabric so I was able to tuck the ends into the seam- probably the same as you. But I don’t love the scallop it created. Maybe I’ll try posting something on the o+s forums.

  3. I just love it all so much. And E looks so much like you in the close-up picture. It’s a great dress. Love the cutout neckline. She might need a little green knitted shrug if her arms get cold. 😉

  4. Oh, I love it!!!! So much! And thank you for the shout-out! Figuring out the ends of piping can be a challenge for me too, although it is easier/less noticeable when the piping is thinner. I think you did a great job here! I could not love the combination of fabric, accents, and pattern more. You hit it out of the park!!!

    • Thank you Inder, and thank you again for your help! It was pretty cute to see them all dressed up together today and at a holiday party last weekend. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. This is so sweet! I really like the U cut-out here as well… I’ve made several geraniums, and I tend to just keep the neckline plain, but this is really adorable. 🙂

    • Thanks, Erin! I’ve kept the neckline plain on all the other geraniums so not sure what motivated me to try it here! I do think it looks more grown up- hard to believe this gal will be five in a couple months!

  6. oh i love it, and they are so cute! E and her curls, beautiful! i’ve been waiting to see what you came up with (but obviously missed this post by a few days!) and it’s perfect – and i think skipping the pocket was the right choice – the piping and covered buttons are just the right amount of plaid if you ask me. i really like the U, too. also, i have to tell you, you inspired me to make matching christmas outfits for my kids this year – when i saw O in his vest I suddenly had to make Oscar a little something. if i could only get some photos. hope you guys had a great christmas!

    • Thank you so much, Gail! Your comments mean a great deal to me. As I made this dress and kept thinking, “what would Gail do here?” So glad you approve :). And I just saw your matching outfits this morning and they are perfection! Now I want to make a bow tie!

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