Christmas pajamas (and happy new year!)

I decided that it would be fun to make Christmas pajamas for the kids this year.  I actually got them made before Christmas and even got a few pictures taken but then our computer died.  Ack!

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 3My husband tried all kinds of strategies to fix it but ultimately we had to buy a new computer. Thankfully he’s great about running multiple backups so nothing was lost.  And now that we’re back in business I have a few 2014 projects left to share before doing a year-end roundup.

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 2

So, the pajamas.  I used the serger so these were pretty fast to whip up.  I’ve found that serging the seams (without first stitching on my normal machine) holds up fine through lots of wear and washes.  Admittedly, it doesn’t look as nice because you can see the stitches when the seam pulls a bit.  If I owned many colors of serger thread and took the time to change between projects I guess this would be less of a problem.  Maybe that will be a 2015 sewing goal.  But given the nature of holiday pajamas and time constraints I was happy to serge away with my white thread.

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 4

For the tops I used the Made By Rae flashback skinny tee in sizes 2T and 5T.  For E I added both length and width (this tutorial was very helpful for adding width properly). For O I added a band to the shirt hem, thus avoiding any top stitching. I left E’s dress unhemmed. She told me she likes how it rolls up and I was happy to avoid pulling out the double needle.  I love the fit on this pattern-  just the right tightness to show off baby bellies and not be too baggy on my girl.

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 7

The pants are both Titchy Threads fancy pants leggings.  I made a shortened 2t for O and straight size 4 for E.  I think this pattern runs long because it is rare that size 4 pants are long enough on E, but these are perfect. I love this pattern. Especially the contrasting back panel.

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 6

I had originally intended to use the red polka dot with green accents for E, and vice versa for O.  But this felt a bit too Christmassy and a bit too matchy.  I finally settled on this gray fabric for the accents and I like how it toned things down and let them match without being over the top (I hope!).  Both these patterns have many pieces, offering endless room for mix and match.  On a side note, the Riley Blake polka dot fabric was the best to work with, and worth the slightly higher cost per yard.

christmas pajamas : Lizzieville 1

And so in the end we have two happy kids. I do wish E’s hadn’t looked so much like Minnie Mouse, but there you go. There’s always next year to try it again!

14 thoughts on “Christmas pajamas (and happy new year!)

  1. They are so cute (both the kids and the jammies). I really love the fanny part of the pants. One of things that has scared me about the serger is changing threads but I think if I let myself just use white for a while until I was more use to it…

    • Thanks, Christine. I think the back part is called a “bum panel” in the pattern, which is what Esme calls it now. It continually makes us all laugh! And the white thread looks great on most fabrics I’ve decided…or at least good enough!

  2. man, such a bummer about your computer but i’m so glad everything was backed up. whew! those pjs look super cozy. O looks so baby yummy (nom nom nom) and I think E’s is perfect, too.

    • Thank you, Rachel. E quite likes her pajamas. I was only going to make her the nightgown but she decided she wanted pants too, so what can you do?! The nightgowns and pajamas you made for your kids look darling in your Christmas card.

  3. These are adorable. I love their little tushes in their Fancy Pants! So cute!

    I do switch out my serger thread between light and dark at least (white or navy or black or gray are my main colors) and I also set the upper loop thread (second in from the right) on higher tension than the rest, which seems to make a more solid seam that doesn’t pull apart as much for me? I totally sew all my knits with the serger alone these days, to the extent possible. Way less wobbly.

    • Thanks, Inder! I like the idea of having a few all-purpose darker colors- it is overwhelming to think about buying (and storing!) four spools of serger thread in every color. I’ll experiment with tightening the tension on that one as you suggest. So far I’ve just left everything alone but I I have a couple different feet and I have a manual of different options to I should really investigate things a bit more.

  4. These are so cute, I love the colours you’ve used and the photos are adorable. I was hoping to make my kids Christmas pjs but never quite got around to it, maybe next year.

    For your serger seams – if you adjust the needle tensions a little tighter you should find that not a lot of the thread will show when the seam is pulled. Also, I find pressing the seam to one side helps.

    • Thanks so much, Laura! It is a really fun pattern and I’ve enjoyed make it a couple times now. I have your Rowan Tee and skinny jeans patterns to hopefully make in 2015! And thank you for the idea about adjusting the tensions. Sounds like that’s a good thing to try.

  5. Thse are super cute. Nice decision with the grey and those bum panels are very cute.
    i’m also a sew everything on the serger person, but I do use matching (or close to) thread and rethread it for almost every project. It gets very quick to do the more you practice!

  6. i just love these pjs! the FBST + Fancy Pants patterns is the perfect knit pj combo, and the gray is great with both fabrics. i have personally never changed my serger thread and am kind of in awe that shelley does it for every project! i’m feeling inspired to get my act together in that department 🙂

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