2014 year in review

Last year I did a roundup of all my 2013 projects.  This year I thought I’d change things up and share the best (and worst) from the year instead.


2014 roundup : lizzieville1

1.  elusive moose  2. lullaby layette pants  3.  bapron  4. big green pants

I didn’t make many things for O this past year, but those I made were generally worn.  I suppose it helps that he has no opinions about clothing yet.  He’s still wearing his moose shirt and both pairs of lullaby layette pants are in heavy rotation.  He still fits into those big green pants, now with the cuff unrolled.  I wish I’d saved the pattern because they fit so nicely over his diaper.  I definitely want to make more pants for O in 2015 and have quite a few patterns ready to try.  The Little Things to Sew bib didn’t hold up well but the bapron was a winner.  He outgrew this one a while ago and I’ve been meaning to make the bigger size for quite some time.


2014 roundup : lizzieville2

1. library dress  2. Anna (nightgown) dress  3.  hopscotch dress  4. LTTS backpack

The green library dress definitely wins the award for most-worn item this year.  She loves that dress.  The pale blue dress I made as a base to her Anna costume has also gotten a lot of wear as a nightgown.  The hopscotch dress was also a favorite, despite the fabric being cheap and clingy.  This pattern runs small so I need to get a size four made up soon.  Finally, not an item of clothing, but E uses her Little Things to Sew backpack for preschool.  It’s held up very well.


2014 roundup : lizzieville3

1. Christmas pajamas 2. art museum vest and geranium dress

3. sunday brunch jacket 4. school days jacket

These items weren’t necessarily most worn, but all were satisfying in some way.  Making the Christmas pajamas was just fun and they’ve seen a lot of wear.  Making O his Christmas vest was technically fun because of the little welt pockets.  Figuring out how to make E her matching dress, given fabric constraints and lack of piping knowledge, also felt like a success.  The two coats I made E fall into this category as well.  I did some pattern alteration with the Sunday brunch coat to add the hood and I quilted the lining for the school days jacket.  Making coats feels like a real accomplishment.  E is set for coats for a while, but hopefully there will be some coats for O in 2015.


2014 roundup : lizzieville4

1. sew chic kids pants  2. seersucker dungarees 3. pull-over parka

4. roly poly pinafore 5. LTTS cape 6. playtime dress and leggings

7. jump rope dress 8. Japanese pattern apron 9. blue tunic with pockets

And then there were a bunch of things that saw hardly any wear.  The seersucker dungarees I made for O were a disaster, leading me to focus in on the pattern makers I know and trust.  Most of the misses, though, were for E.  I hope to learn from my mistakes this past year and do a better job making things that are her style.  I learned that the fit and style of clothing from Sew Chic Kids doesn’t appeal to E- all three things I made from that book were largely ignored (pants, pull-over parka, and blue tunic).  She also doesn’t like to dress in layers, making the apron and roly poly pinafore big misses.  Sadly she had no interest in the jump rope dress.  I think she would have liked the playtime mermaid dress except that I made it (and the matching leggings) too small.  I was hoping that the Little Things to Sew cape would get some wear during dress up but she far prefers the cape shirt.  From the above pictures it’s clear that E prefers knits.  I knew this, but somehow kept hoping her opinions would change.

Despite the many misses, this was a satisfying year of sewing.  I learned so much.  And when I see my kids wearing things I made it just makes me so happy.

xmas handmades : lizzieville1

This picture reminds me that I am quite behind in sharing recent knitting projects.  Maybe I’ll do a knitting roundup later.  As for 2015, my biggest goal is to make things that are actually needed and/or will get use.  I tend to get distracted and not focus in on the things most needed around here.  I have a half-finished quilt for E, some sewing for the house, and a few projects for myself.  I’m hoping to alternate these with more-satisfying kid clothes.

And that’s all for 2014.  Thank you for reading this past year.  It really makes writing and sharing so much more fun.  I’ve loved getting to know you through your comments.  Thank you and happy new year!

19 thoughts on “2014 year in review

  1. Oh, so much wonderful sewing! I love your aesthetic. Your “satisfying sews” are all great. It’s a shame about the misses – kids can be so fickle! Same thing around my house, where my more complicated and beautiful makes tend to get tossed aside in favor of t-shirts. I guess I prefer to wear knits too, so I can’t really blame the kids, but it does feel a bit boring sometimes!

    I’m with you – lots of useful and worn items this year! Let’s do it.

    • Thanks for being such a great sewing friend this past year, Inder! It’s been so fun to read about your projects and get your help and talk patterns and such. And kids really can be tricky to sew for, can’t they! Of course sometimes I also don’t trust my instincts and get distracted by sew-alongs and new patterns…. so please help me keep on track!

  2. You are a smart lady!
    I learned the hard way, with the Twins, luckily Liddy wears it as hand-me-downs on the farm.
    I agree completely with Inder, I seem to wear knits a lot, at home, too.

    I always look forward to your group shots. Such cuteness!

    • Thanks Nicole! And I envy your ability to have hand-me-downs!! I’m hoping my sister might have a daughter some day and be able to wear all the favorite articles of clothing I have stashed away.

    • Thanks! It was a fun pattern. E picked out the yarn. Sadly it hasn’t seen much wear because of her whole hating layers things. But it is big enough to last a few years so we’ll see!

  3. what a great recap!!! I love the best and worst idea. You have sewn so much. You have great goals too. I started making a list of goals and was going to look at mine from last year but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I’d love to see more of your knitting.

    • Thank you Christine! And thanks for being such a supportive sewing friend the past year. I’d love to read about your sewing goals- it’s always so fun to reflect and make plans. Hopefully I can get some knitting pictures together soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I like the best and worst reflection at the end of the year. I should do the same thing to inform my sewing choices for this year. I am pretty sure I’d discover that the knits are the preferred garments as well. My daughter wears her knit dresses to bed some times!

    • Thank you! It was fun to go back through all the flickr pictures and reflect on my projects. My daughter would probably wear her knit dresses to bed too if we presented that as an option! Do you have any favorite knit dress patterns?

      • Good question. I was just thinking about that and I started a pinterest board to help inspire future choices: http://www.pinterest.com/melbary/knit-sewing-patterns/

        I think my favorite so far is probably the Hangout Hoodie dress. I’ve made three of them (including one as a terry beach cover up) and my daughter loves them. She will ask to wear them, which is huge since getting dressed is often a fight.

        The next one I think I want to try is the Cowl Neck Dress by Heidi & Finn.

        Do you have any favorites?

        • Great idea- I just started following your board. Thank you! I’m planning to make another knit library dress (E loves this dress so much and your tutorial was perfect!), maybe try to make the bimaa hoodie into a dress, and an O+S hopscotch dress. When she gets bigger I want to make the Make It Perfect Joey dress but I want to wait until she’s in the bigger size range. I don’t know the Hangout Hoodie or Cowl Neck Dress so I’ll have to check them out!

  5. You made such beautiful things this year, and I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog – thank you for sharing with us! And you’re smart to focus on what will be worn – I just keep on making Jump Rope dresses even though all four of mine have pretty much been rejected 🙂

  6. Hits or Misses all of these clothes are gorgeous!
    My girl just flat refused her new Firefly Jacket saying “it makes me look daft”. But I am glad I made it none the less.
    I look forward to seeing more of your sewing this year.

    • Thanks, Katy! Too bad about the firefly! But I agree, the making and learning is the most important part of the process. I look forward to your 2015 creations as well.

    • Thank you Rachel! That means a great deal to me. The Sunday brunch was a favorite for me, as well. It was one of the projects that I thought about for months, and then the final project actually ended up pretty much how I’d hoped. Now to see if my daughter will wear it come spring!

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