Belated Christmas sewing

I have two little projects to share today.  Both were intended to be Christmas gifts for the kids but I ran out of time before the holidays .  For E, I made a little sleeping bag from the Flossie Teacakes pattern.  I’ve wanted to make this for years, even since seeing them on Gail‘s blog.  Then a friend reminded me about the pattern and it finally moved to the top of my to sew list.  This is the smallest of the three sizes, to fit her little pups.

sleeping bag : lizzieville1 sleeping bag : lizzieville2

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze to fit in both pups so I’m tempted to make another one with different dimensions.  It would be easy to alter the pattern to be extra wide and not as long.  This pattern was so easy and fast that I decided to make another one.  We’ll probably use this one as a gift for one of E’s preschool friends.  I love the Red Riding Hood fabric, leftover from her Red Riding Hood Cape.

sleeping bag : lizzieville3

sleeping bag : lizzieville5

For the record, it is a little tricky to get good pictures of stuffed animals.  Especially given the serious (melancholy? sleepy?) expression on these little pups.  But she loves them so.

sleeping bag : lizzieville4For O, I finally got around to making him another bapron from the Craftiness Is Not Optional pattern.  This is the 18m-3T size.

bapron : lizzieville5

Last time I made bibs I struggled a bit to get the bias tape lined up correctly.  So this time I tried Rachel‘s suggestion to finish the binding with a zigzag stitch.  This was quick, has held up well so far, and I like the look on a bib.  Thanks for the suggestion, Rachel!  I’m also hoping to try Shelley‘s suggestion soon, as I was able to find some quilter’s fusible edge.

bapron : lizzieville1

My favorite part of this bib is how well it stays put.  O makes no attempts to take it off. The bib itself is a great size and provides good coverage.  The armholes are a bit too large, so for kids on the lower end of the size range it might be worth trying on the bib before applying the bias binding.  I’d also love to make this again with laminated cotton or iron-on vinyl so that it can be wiped off between uses.

bapron : lizzieville4

O was happy with it.  Especially when I gave him “more” pears.  I love his little signs.

bapron : lizzieville2

16 thoughts on “Belated Christmas sewing

  1. That is a great bib, I must make some of those. The sleeping bags are super cute as are your darling little ones.

    • Thank you, Nicole! The bibs are very handy- they are big enough to really cover and protect precious clothing underneath! I guess Trixie will be eating solids soon enough- how time flies.

  2. He’s getting a nice head of hair now! He is so cute. Love the little “more.” Heart-melting! (May I have some more, sir? … Whaaaaat? I guess I always think of O as in Oliver but I don’t know you’ve ever shared his name with me?)

    Those sleeping bags are adorable, especially with the pups! SO CUTE! E looks thrilled with it.

    • Yes- his hair is quite long now and in need of a little trim around the ears. I’m not sure how we’d keep him still for a trim though, so his hair just keeps growing! The sleeping bags are very cute and fun to make. I’m not sure how much E will really play with them but I sure enjoyed the making process. And it’s entirely possible that I’ve shared O’s name in emails 🙂

  3. Your kids are so cute that I can’t stand it! Those are great projects. I made the doll bed for Stella’s first birthday. I should really make more. I love that pattern. Your beds are so cute. I love the bib too.

    • Thank you, Christine! It’s nice to make some short, satisfying projects in-between the longer ones. I’m a few hours into a bag sewing project now and it sure is slow going…

  4. Oh my goodness- those sleeping bags are precious! I’m so glad that the zigzag stitch worked for you! And this bib option sounds promising for me. In the past, I can never get my kids to keep their bibs on!

    • Yes, thank you for the zigzag idea! It was so fast. And this bib really has been great. O doesn’t try to take it off (and his velcro bibs don’t last long) because it just seems like a shirt.

  5. The photo with the two pups squished in bed and the one on the right eyeballing the one on the left is priceless!
    Very cute sleeping bags and the bapron looks perfectly practical. I hope the fusible edge stuff works well for you, I swear by it for getting a neat finish (as if that matters 😉 )

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