Hats, mittens, and a sweater

I’m a bit behind on sharing knitting projects and thought I’d catch up here.  First up, I made E a new hat using the Garter Ear Flap Hat pattern from Purl Bee (Ravelry notes here).  I’d made this hat once before and it’s a fun knit.  I had a partial skein of Madelinetosh yarn leftover from making E mittens last winter.   As you can see, the mittens are well used at preschool.  I loved the idea of making the hat match but wasn’t sure I had enough yarn.

knits : lizzieville07

I finished the hat with only a bit of yarn left.  But then E decided that the hat needed a strap because it tends to slide up.  I think this pattern runs small because I made her the kid size and her head is average.  I used the tiny bit of leftover yarn to add a little button strap.

knits : lizzieville05 knits : lizzieville06

O outgrew all his hats from last winter so I made him a little striped hat (notes here).  The pattern called for sock yarn to make a baby size hat.  I using dk and worsted weight yarn and made a few modification to fit his big toddler head.  I’m new to stripes and don’t like the way I changed yarn.  I’ve since learned a better way, but this one is a mess from inside and none too pretty from the back.  Despite being messy it’s held together and it stays on his head nicely.   It was a fun project because the three yarns I used are all from previous knitting projects for O- two vests and his baby sweater.

knits : lizzieville02 knits : lizzieville01

I also made him a pair of mittens (notes here) to match.  It hasn’t been very cold this winter and mittens get in the way of his rock collecting and climbing.  But they do make a nice set.

knits : lizzieville03

Finally, I made E an In Threes Cardigan (Ravelry notes here).  I wasn’t able to get any proper modeled shots because she’s not a fan.  But I did love the pattern and the yarn E picked is a pretty color.  It is big enough to fit a while, so maybe this one will see some wear in the future.  I especially love the metal buttons.

knits : lizzieville08knits : lizzieville09

While knitting this cardigan I also developed some upper back and shoulder pain that seems to get worse when knitting.  So I’m taking a knitting break and started in on a cross stitch project instead.  I’ve had this Winterwoods ABC kit for a couple years and it’s been a delight to work on so far.

knits : lizzieville11And now, off to do some KCW preparations.  Both kids are set for winter clothing but I couldn’t resist planning a few projects anyway.

8 thoughts on “Hats, mittens, and a sweater

  1. I’m working on that kit now too!!!! (though I haven’t worked on it for a week of two because my knitting is getting in the way) I do love it. And I love all your knitting. I have had the In Threes sweater in my favorites for some time. Maybe I’ll make it late in the summer for next fall? The color and buttons are gorgeous. I love the hats and mittens too. I made my kid ear flap purl bee hats too but a different pattern.

    • Isn’t the kit so fun? And so satisfying to see the little letters and shapes appear so quickly. I think you’d like the cardigan. There is a lot of purling which is not my favorite, but otherwise it’s an easy knit with some fun features. I’ll have to look at the other earflap hat from Purl Bee. Maybe next year!

  2. Wow, I am just in awe! The hats are adorable! The sweater is breathtaking! It’s all so beautiful! Indigo is taking her first knitting lesson this weekend! It will be interesting to see if she gets into it!

    • Thank you, Rachel! Knitting is a nice alternative to sewing because I have to set up my sewing machine on the kitchen table and then take it down before our next meal. I remember learning to knit around Indigo’s age and just loving it. I made a lot of doll scarves. I look forward to hearing how it goes for her!

  3. Oh what a pity she doesn’t love that In Threes cardigan, it’s divine! And there’s nothing cuter than little toddler heads in snug ear flap hats. Just lovely!
    Good luck with the cross stitch. I just tried it for the first time using soluble canvas and it was really fun.

    • Thanks, Shelley! You just never know what they’re going to like but at least there is a lot of fun in the making. And I saw the pictures of your cross stitch on the canvas and was intrigued!

  4. hi ,You have the cutest kids!!!!!, I am speechless what a cute stuff you make and don’t uderstand where you get the time to create all that too!! _ was just wondering if you would share the gnome hat pattern the pink and blue, thank you 😉 lanata7@ yahoo.com

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