KCW : bimaa bubble dress

It’s Kid’s Clothes Week, winter edition.  I considered not sewing along since the kids’ winter wardrobes are in good shape and I have so many other things on my sewing list.  But I just couldn’t let the week go by without sewing at all.


So I decided to spend seven hours sewing and see what I could get made.  Honestly I did most of the sewing last week because sewing, photographing, and writing posts all in one week is too much.  But anyway, for today, a report on my first few hours of sewing…

For hour one I prepped pattern pieces.  I traced the size 5 pattern pieces for a dress bodice and drafted a skirt pattern pieces based off one of E’s dresses. I got completely sucked into figuring out the math needed to lengthen the skirt and keep the same proportions as the original dress.  First hour, gone in a snap.

KCW winter : Lizzieville 1

In hour two I cut out the dress for E and a pair of overalls for O (to be shared soon I hope).

KCW winter : Lizzieville 3 KCW winter : Lizzieville 2

To start hour three I forget to pull the thread holder part of my serger up into place before sewing which unthreaded part of the machine.  After battling the threads, the tweezer, and the vague instruction manual I had time left to sew the top of E’s dress

KCW winter : Lizzieville 4 KCW winter : Lizzieville 5

Hour four, finished a dress for E.

bimaa bubble : Lizzieville 1

And then I convinced her to take a few pictures on a cold and foggy morning.  She also picked the accessories, in case you were curious 🙂

bimaa bubble : Lizzieville 3

For this dress I was inspired by a Tea Collection dress E loves.  When I saw the bubble skirt on the dress I realized this would be a way to avoid hemming a skirt and give the skirt a little more body.  For the top I used the bimaa sweater pattern with the shawl option.  The striped fabric is an old maternity shirt, sticking with the upcycle theme of the week.  The shirt is a cotton without much stretch or recovery (I guess you’d say).  It ended up making a top that was much too big on E.  The neckline is indecently low (I pulled the dress up for the pictures but it tends to slide down).  E wore the dress today with a tshirt underneath which doesn’t look great but at least covers her chest a bit better.  I’ve made the hoodie option in a size 4 and it’s getting snug on E so I’m going to blame the fabric on this one, not the sizing or the pattern.  Next time I’ll use a fabric with a bit of spandex and something less floppy for the neckline.

bimaa bubble : Lizzieville 4

For the skirt and shawl I used the same gray knit I used on E’s previous bimaa sweater.  It’s quite thin and so I figured it would work best doubled up anyway.  The fabric has little painted dots which were fine to sew with except for the skirt gathering portion, where the thread wouldn’t slide through the dots.  In case you wanted to make a similar skirt, here are my jotted down dimensions:

bimaa skirt : Lizzieville 1

This dress definitely didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped.  The front is too low and open.  The entire dress ended up on the short side despite my attempts at lengthening.  I should have curved the bodice bottom a bit.  I’m not wild about the fabric combination.  But I think it was a good first try and I hope to come back to this idea later.  I’ll probably use a flashback skinny tee for the top since I’m more confident in the fit.  And while I wish this had come out exactly as I’d imagined the first time, I know this is also why I keep sewing.  I just keep trying to get it right.

bimaa bubble : Lizzieville 2


16 thoughts on “KCW : bimaa bubble dress

  1. It is a super groovy, super comfortable looking dress. Miss E loves her knits, doesn’t she?
    So excited to see what you do with the dungarees pattern.

    • Yes she does! Many of my favorite Oliver+S patterns made with regular cotton are a tough sell these days. Although she does wear her Christmas dress all the time, so there’s hope! And the dungarees were so much fun. Thank you for the pattern! I got some pictures today so I can share soon.

  2. I think you are much too hard on yourself! It’s lovely! But those knits sure are unpredictable, aren’t they? I’m still learning. It’s totally a process!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I appreciate your kind words. I am slowly figuring out knits but each new fabric brand has it’s own learning curve it seems. But it is fun to figure out!

  3. The dress looks so wonderful in the pictures. I love everything about it. I’m sorry it didn’t come out how you wanted but it sounds like you learned a lot from sewing it. I do love how she accessorized the dress.

  4. It looks great! I’m always mildly annoyed when the kids put a singlet or T-shirt underneath something and ‘ruin” the look of the neckline, but hey, they’re happy and they’re wearing it. I suspect this dress will be a big hit

    • Thank you! Yes, E has a mind of her own about her outfits. And actually, she just came out of the bedroom wearing this dress again today (with the cardigan I made on top even) so that’s a total win. It’s quite the outfit, but I guess that’s being four 🙂

  5. That’s the thing about knits – unlike quilting cottons which are pretty much all alike, with only subtle differences, each new knit fabric I work with requires a whole new learning curve! I really love the shape of this dress and I wonder as she grows it might fit better (be less indecent)? What a great idea for a dress, now I want to try one!

    • Agreed! I’d like to find a couple brands of knits that I like and stick with them. That way my learning curve won’t be quite so steep! This is E’s new favorite dress, despite the front issues. She now pairs it with the matching bimaa shirt in the same gray color. Does Maggie prefer knits or is she still willing to wear anything? As long as it’s pink, that is 🙂

  6. i think it’s awesome – i love the neckline (and her necklace)! she is seriously the cutest. and good for you for experimenting with those knits, i wish i weren’t so chicken in that department!

    • Aw, thank you Gail! She definitely is developing her own style. It’s fun to see her picks, even if they’re a lot bolder than my style 🙂 I like knits because they seem faster and fairly practical. But they sure don’t produce the beauty and crispness that I love and that you’re so good at creating!

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