KCW : corduroy overalls

Kid’s Clothes Week winter edition ends today and I have my second project to share.  It’s a good one to round out O’s winter wardrobe.


Last summer I made O some poorly fitting overalls and I asked for pattern recommendations.  One suggestion was the adorable spruce suspender shorts that I made for O’s first birthday.  I got another suggestion to try a Citronille pattern which I still hope to do some day.  Nicole was kind enough to look through her pattern stash for overalls that might fit O.  A bit later a lovely little paper package arrived all the way from Australia.  It was so thrilling!  And inside was this pattern for O (Simplicity 9044) and a girls overalls pattern for E that I’m excited to try out soon.

corduroy overalls : Lizzieville  4I haven’t used many vintage patterns so I was a bit cautious.  This turned out to be a straightforward sew and I found that directions to be completely adequate, although without the chatty hints and tips of an independent/Oliver+S pattern.  The main fabric is corduroy from my mother in law, likely 20+ years old.  I didn’t have enough corduroy for the linings so they are quilting cotton.  I’m not sure about my choice of yellow buttons but they’re what I had on hand in the correct size.

corduroy overalls : Lizzieville  3

corduroy overalls : Lizzieville  1

I figured that these were going to be on the snug side for O so I skipped the second set of strap buttons and the side tabs that are intended to tighten things up if the overalls are a bit big.  It turns out that the fit is great with lots of room for O’s toddler belly and big diaper.  The length is perfect now but I wish I’d added a bit more with a cuff now, just to prolong the wear.  I love him in these little overalls.

corduroy overalls : Lizzieville  2

O is growing up more than out so this pattern should still fit come spring.  I’d love to make him another pair with the short length option.  Next time I’ll add the little side tabs because I do enjoy those vintagey details.  Thank you Nicole for such a sweet pattern!  O has decided that these are perfect for his favorite activities-  playing in the dirt, picking up rocks, eating rice crackers, and jumping in puddles.

corduroy overalls : Lizzieville  5

If you chose to participate in Kid’s Clothes Week I hope that your sewing went well!  I am happy with two projects complete.  Now time to start dreaming big about spring sewing.


19 thoughts on “KCW : corduroy overalls

  1. They are wonderful! He looks so comfortable gardening in them. I have had a vintage pattern cut out for many weeks but I got a little scared by the brief instructions so I haven’t tried it yet. I didn’t do kid clothes week this week but maybe I’ll do the spring.

    • Thanks, Christine. I’m excited to try some of the other vintage patterns I was given by my Mother In Law. It’s a bummer that they have one size per envelope- you really have to be on your game to make the pattern at the correct time! What pattern do you have cut out?

  2. I really wish these would fit at Halloween, because you could knit him a hat with bear ears and he could be Corduroy! But even if that doesn’t happen, he’s adorable. And so much hair now!

    • Oh man, that would be so fun! If he can’t wear them maybe your little guy will be big enough to fit into these instead 🙂 And he is so big! He got a little haircut a few weeks ago. I just want to kiss his little neck now with his little boy hair.

  3. How exciting!
    It was my absolute pleasure and I am so happy to see them made up. They are completely adorable.

  4. I didn’t think there could be anything cuter than O’s little cheeks. But now I’ve seen it: O’s little cheeks PLUS vintage corduroy overalls. YEP. You have achieved maximal cuteness factor here.

    You know, I kind of love the drawing heavy, text-sparse style of vintage patterns, but I think part of it is nostalgia since I grew up learning to sew with old big four patterns. I have a cute vintage overalls pattern for Maggie, I might just have to do it in pink corduroy!

    • Aww, thanks Inder! They are pretty cute 🙂 And I agree about the pattern- it was kind of nice to have just one little page of pictures and instructions. Pink corduroy would be perfect! I have some pink corduroy that I may use for E’s pair. Except that she’s still anti-pants so I may try to change the pattern into a little overall/skirt kind of thing. We shall see!

  5. To me there’s just nothing cuter than a toddler boy in overalls, especially corduroy overalls – these are perfect! Great fit and I love the yellow buttons. Nicole sure is sweet!!

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