Valentine hearts, two ways

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!  I have two little felt crafts to share today.  First, I was part of a mom’s group Valentine exchange.  After searching through all of Purl Bee’s wonderful collection of crafts I decided the Sweetheart Charms would be fun and easy enough to make multiple times.  So I used wool felt to stitch up 12 little hearts.  I used baker’s twine for the loops and skipped the stuffing to make these easier to mail.

valentine hearts : lizzieville 1

Inside each heart I placed a little note, using the bookmark template here from Sanae Ishida.

valentine hearts : lizzieville 2

Because of the thickness of the felt and knotted twine I was concerned that they wouldn’t lie flat enough in the envelopes.  So I cut up some old Nikki McClure calendars to make little envelopes.  I love her art so much and always keep her calendars around to repurpose.

valentine hearts : lizzieville 3

And then I mailed these off to other moms around the country (and world!).

valentine hearts : lizzieville 4

When it comes to little crafts felt is always my favorite.  Which brings me to my other heart-shaped craft.  Last Valentine’s Day I made a heart garland inspired by the one Gail made (that was in turn based off a tutorial from Made By Rae).

valentine hearts : lizzieville 5 valentine hearts : lizzieville 6

I was happy to pull these hearts out again.  I love making holiday decorations that you can reuse each year.  It’s mostly been up around the window or mirror but O was happy to play with it while reading his farm book this morning.

valentine hearts : lizzieville 8 valentine hearts : lizzieville 7

And unrelated, I realized that it’s been two years since my first post here.  What a fun two years they have been.  I’ve learned so much and enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Thanks for being along for the ride!


12 thoughts on “Valentine hearts, two ways

  1. i love your purl bee hearts! i agree, felt is so much fun to work with. and that heart garland…the perfect valentine’s day decor if you ask me 🙂

  2. I made cards from a Nikki McClure calendar, too! Love her artwork so much! That garland is amazing – isn’t it so awesome to pull it out again the following year after making it! I just love that with my Christmas handmades. And your heart charms are very sweet!

  3. Your heart crafts are lovely. I really wanted to make heart garland this year but it didn’t happen. Maybe next year. I love felt and a local to me quilt shop just started selling wonderful colorful wool blend felt. I have already purchased many colors.

    2 years blogging! That is wonderful.

    • Thank you, Christine! The hearts, if I recall, actually took quite a bit of time to cut out. It would be a good watching tv kind of task, I’d imagine. And how nice to have a good source of wool felt!

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