Happy birthday roller skate

E turned 5 (five!) this weekend and so I made her a dress for the occasion.  She went through my fabrics and eventually settled on a floral fabric from my grandmother.  My grandmother was a quilter so most of her fabrics are small pieces, but she must have intended this one for a quilt backing as she had a few yards.  After a bit of deliberation I decided to give the Oliver+S roller skate dress another try.  I made a tunic version two summers ago.  rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 4 E’s measurements put her at a size 3 for chest/waist and a size 5 for height.  I used the size 4 pattern with some added length and dress width.  I modified the collar facing to be rounded (inspired by Gailhere) because I was concerned that getting an even and orderly v shaped point on the front facing was going to be tricky.  I’m not much for that kind of detail.  I am glad I added the contrasting facing this time and I think it’s my favorite part of this pattern. rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 3 rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 2 I also love that E’s decided to start wearing knee socks, inspired by the fabulous Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows.  Ivy has some great outfits and is often sporting knee socks.  I kind of want to copy as many of Ivy’s outfits as I can for spring. rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 1 This is an easy dress to whip up (although the facing slows things down a bit).  I appreciate only having one button and no buttonholes.  But the fit on this pattern just doesn’t work well for E.  Same as last time, the bodice parts tends to ride up and the fit is funky around the arms.  You can see it pulling up a bit here, although it tends to be much worse than this picture shows.rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 5 She spent the entire day pulling her dress down.  Last time I sort of fixed the problem by loosening the elastic a bunch.  I forgot to do that this time and followed the directions for elastic length.  I’ll have to go back and add a chunk of elastic and see if that helps. [Edited to add:  a went back and added 4 inches to the elastic after all your help advice.  Thank you!]  Anyone else have this problem?  I’m sad that this dress wasn’t as great as I’d hoped for E’s special day.  But it was lovely to celebrate this fabulous girl.  I am so excited to see what five brings for her and us. rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 9 After her party we headed outside to get these pictures.  Of course O wanted in on the action.  He got to wear his art museum vest from Christmas, in reverse, for the festivities. rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 8 rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 7 rollerskate dress : Lizzieville 6 And hooray, it’s spring!  I love that E’s birthday means the flowers are blooming in the front yard.  Hope spring (or fall!) is a welcome addition to your life these days.

22 thoughts on “Happy birthday roller skate

  1. What a lovely dress, and the knee socks are adorable! Lila loved the Ivy and Bean books, now I want to go back and looks at Ivy’s outfits :). You know, come to think of it, we’ve had a similar problem with this dress riding up. She doesn’t wear the one you linked to anymore for that reason, but still wears the lion print rollerskate dress, which I purposely made looser in the chest. I think it might be worth lengthening the elastic to see if it improves the fit. But anyway, beautiful dress and girl, and happy birthday to E, five is so much fun!

    • I am so excited about five! I think it will be a lot of fun. I just added some elastic and it seems to have helped. The neck gapes a bit but at least everything flows. Thank you!

  2. It looks gorgeous, but I see your problem with the dress riding up. I’d try making the elastic very loose and I’m sure then it will look perfect. Beautiful fabric and contrast facing – you don’t want to waste such a lovely dress!

    • Thank you! I’ve added some elastic and it definitely helps. The contrasting facing is some andover chambray. I wish I could sew everything in it, such lovely fabric!

  3. Happy birthday E! She looks gorgeous in the dress and I really like the last photo with you! I This one has been on my list of patterns to try so I am glad to hear about this problem of dress riding up. Yes, I can see why it does that and how annoying that would be–will keep in mind and perhaps follow the suggestion of loosening the elastic as Gail and Marisa suggest.

    • Thank you, Asmita! Definitely have a try on before sewing the elastic. I added four extra inches and it should work better and fit for a while. I do love that this dress comes together so quickly and without a directional print you can get it out of a fairly small piece of fabric.

  4. What lovely happy spring pictures! Happy Birthday to E! The dress is so pretty. I love the fabrics and facing. That is too bad it doesn’t fit right. Stella is built a little bit like a football player so the dress doesn’t ride up much. I love the knee socks. It has not occurred to me to get some for Stella but now I think she has to have some. Maybe for her birthday?

    • Thank you, Christine! The knee socks are pretty fabulous (although a bit hard to find at this time of year). I make her switch to tights for preschool to have a bit more leg coverage, though!

  5. Happy B’Day E! I keep an eye open for this pattern but have not come across it yet (shipping from the US costs an arm and a leg and I think I really want a paper pattern for this one). E chose lovely fabric for her special dress. Shame about the fit, but hopefully adding a little more elastic will solve the issue. NIce to see your smiling face too!

    • Thank you, Jenya! I realized I don’t even have a picture of myself on the about page so I should try to add something. It’s nice to see people’s faces.

      And this pattern is a good one because it has so few pieces and can fit into a yard of (non-directional) fabric. I love the paper patterns thought, so I understand waiting.

  6. I love that fabric!! Maggie actually wears the Roller Skate dress I made her more than any other handmade, and consistently chooses it from the drawer. Whether this was intentional or not, I can’t remember, but the elastic on hers is definitely loose, just enough to gather the fabric and create the hint of a little empire waist, but not actually touching her skin. Next time I make the dress I’ll be more mindful of that, because comfort is definitely one of the best features of this style!

    • Thanks- E still loves purple, although she’s recently declared blue to be her new favorite color. I followed your advice and added 4 inches- it just barely gathers the fabric but it looks more comfortable and flows nicely. Now I just need to reload the correct colors on my machine to sew the waistband back up. Or maybe nobody would notice if I just left a little gap there 🙂

  7. I have the same trouble with the dress riding up. I’ve made 3 of them and I love the simple look of the dress so I keep making them. I have added length to the elastic and it’s helped a bit. Super cute dress! And super adorable kiddos.

    • I’m sorry you had the same trouble but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one! The extra inches helped and I’m hoping this dress will now see lots of wear this spring/summer! Thank you!

    • Aw, thanks Shelley! I just added four inches and it seems to have done the trick. It’s rather challenging to get pictures of two kids together right now. Does it get easier as they get older?!?

  8. You know, I have to tell you, I think the pattern grading of that bodice is off. It is way, WAY too big, in my opinion. So strange for an O + S pattern! But she looks so sweet in her pretty bday dress!

    • This makes me feel so much better! With longer elastic the dress doesn’t pull up but there’s still so much extra fabric in the bodice area. I wanted to add some pleats or something to pull it in. But it does work well enough as a little play dress.

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