Super tote to the rescue

Two kids means a lot of stuff to carry around these days.  We often head out for an adventure with everything tucked nicely in our diaper bag.  But by the end of our trip we have sweaters, hats, treasures, and snacks exploding everywhere.  Then we had a yogurt spill in our old diaper bag and I figured the time was right to make a new bag.

super tote : lizzieville 3This is the Super Tote pattern with no modification.  I love Noodlehead patterns and have a (probably unreasonable) hope to sew all of Anna’s patterns some day.  I bought the main fabric (linen I think) a few years ago and have been saving it for a bag.  I used yellow linen for the handles and piping with an older Moda/Wee Play print for the front pocket and upper panels.  For the lining I used a Kaufman chambray in herringbone.

super tote : lizzieville 1

I love that this bag is so big.  No problem fitting in all our stuff and the top zip is perfect for keeping everything contained.  I used the recommended interfacing and this is a super-sturdy bag.  The four inside pockets are great for storing diapers and wipes and snacks.  The pieces all came together perfectly, as I’ve come to expect from a Noodlehead pattern.

super tote : lizzieville 4

There wasn’t anything tricky about this (even the zipper went together smoothly) but it was a slow project.  There’s a lot of pieces to decide on fabrics, cut and interface, and sew together.  I usually work on projects one at a time but I put this one aside a few times for other projects.

super tote : lizzieville 5This is not advertised as a diaper bag but that’s how it’s mostly been used so far.  If I make another one for the same purpose I would consider some changes.  The straps don’t fit easily on a stroller and I prefer an adjustable strap to wear across my body if I’m going to be carrying a bag a long time.  I haven’t found a great place to store keys, phone, and a wallet in this bag. The front pocket and inside pockets are deep so smaller things tend to get lost.  I might add a smaller pocket to the front or make a higher inside pocket.

super tote : lizzieville 2But overall, I’ve loved using this bag.  Making bags is just so satisfying.

8 thoughts on “Super tote to the rescue

  1. Fantastic bag!! It’s a great size and I love your choice of fabrics. What about a detachable zipper pouch attached by a strap to hold your cell, keys, and money, that you could pull off for quick trips? Such beautiful work here!

    • Thanks, Inder! I’ve been impressed with all your lovely bags lately. I like your idea of a separate pouch- I’ll have to do some thinking about that. I saw that some people added a little latch for keys to the inside pocket but of course I didn’t see that until too late.

  2. It looks fantastic. I did realize how big it is until the picture where you are holding it. I love the fabrics you used. are you doing KCW? We move in less than two weeks and Stella’s birthday party (and birthday) is Saturday so I’m not.

    • Thanks, Christine! It’s a nice big bag but it doesn’t feel too unwieldy to carry around. I’m planning to do KCW but I only have two things in mind. We’ll see how it goes because the garden and other things are calling my name as well. Happy birthday to Stella and good luck with the move!! I’m so excited for your new place!

  3. I hear bags take more time to sew, even if they look simple. A yoghurt sill def calls for a new bag 😉 Enjoy using this one, it looks lovely 🙂

    • Thanks! If I made it again I think I’d go for a shallower/wider shape. I love pockets but these are hard to get to. My poor husband was fishing around in the bag for a long time, trying to find O’s sippy cup this morning.

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