KCW : unicorn skirt


Kid’s Clothes Week is off to a slow start around here so I’m sharing something I made a few months ago but finally got photographed.  Bonus, it even fits this week’s theme of Wild Things.

unicorn skirt : Lizzieville 1I actually made this skirt twice.  The skirt above was made for E’s little preschool friend and our neighbor.  I used the simple skirt tutorial from Dana and added four little pleats to the bottom.  I had a yard of the Heather Ross unicorn print and was able to use the other half to make a similar skirt for E with three deeper pleats.  Such a simple skirt but this has gotten so much use and is one of E’s favorites.

unicorn skirt : Lizzieville 2

unicorn skirt : Lizzieville 3These pictures also show you E’s style these days.  She loves bright colors and pattern mixing so I’m trying to follow her lead with my creations.

unicorn skirt : Lizzieville 5

I have to admit that sometimes I feel frustrated with my sewing.  It’s slow.  The kids reject the things I make or it’s the wrong size.  But yesterday, totally by chance, we headed down the street to preschool with so many handmade things getting used and loved.  It was good motivation to keep going.

unicorn skirt : Lizzieville 6

Hope to be back soon with more KCW creations.  And if you’re sewing along, hope everything is going well!

28 thoughts on “KCW : unicorn skirt

  1. I love the pintucks in the skirt! I look forward to seeing what you make this week. I have had some snafus with KCW, but I have also had some fun!

    • Thank you! I first tried the pin tucks in a blouse for one of my first KCWs and have been wanting to try them again. I have one other project complete that might get blogged before the week is up, but we’ll see. Looks like you’ve been super productive!

  2. I can totally relate to your frustration with having your lovingly created handmades rejected by certain preschoolers. It happens over here more often than I’d like to admit. But, I like to think that it makes it even more awesome when they love something you made and refuse to wear anything else for days. Right???
    Oh, and this is a fab skirt. I love the pleats!

    • Thanks Nicole! I’m so thrilled that the jacket’s been seeing a lot of wear this spring. It lost a button the other day but I think I bought an extra so I just need to poke around and try to find where it is stashed.

  3. Oh, they are so cute!!! I love that last photo of them walking together. Sometimes the simple things are the best, huh? I also get frustrated sewing for my kids sometimes, especially when I’m feeling like they don’t like or appreciate what I make. But then when I step back, I realize that both of them do wear things I make, frequently. And it’s often the simple things, like leggings, basic dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and skirts that make the cut, rather than the “fancier” things, and that’s okay.

    I’m KCW’ing as well, but probably won’t get a blog post in until the end, we’ll see. 🙂

    • I completely agree Inder. I’m trying to be more careful about what I make and focus on actual holes in their wardrobes. I’m also getting better at predicting what E will wear. And it is the basics (and the bright colors!) that seem to be winners.

      I look forward to seeing you KCW projects! I hope to get one more thing posted and start a project for O but somehow the weekends fly by without much sewing time.

  4. i love her style, and the jacket lining coordinates with the skirt! it’s so much fun to see the kids all decked out in things you’ve made, it makes it all worthwhile 🙂

  5. She has such great style! She reminds me of my Tia. Tia is so good with combinations. I think it’s so awesome that you follow her style lead! She looks amazing!

    • Thank you, Rachel! I’m getting better at following her lead which seems to mean more of the things I make actually getting worn. So that does tend to be rewarding 🙂 I love how you sew for each of your child and their tastes so thanks for being a big inspiration there!

  6. Hello – I just found your blog via your photos on Dana’s website! Love your blog – love your sewing..LOVE your added detail of those pleats at the bottom of the skirt – SO CUTE!!! I am gong to try that for my granddaughter who lives in skirts. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creativity. Have a good day.

  7. oh that last picture is wonderful! Your sewing is so lovely and special. I really am inspired every time I come to your blog and I hope to be more regular with my sewing soon (so many other crafts gets in the way). The skirt is really perfect looking. I love the pleats and the fabric you chose.

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