KCW : bias-trimmed bee apron


E has needed a new art smock for quite a while now.  She’s worn this art smock from Little Things to Sew for almost three years and has completely outgrown the size small. Her previous smock has been so well-loved and heavily used that I was planning to make her a size up in the same pattern.  But after flipping through the book E decided she preferred the bias-trimmed apron instead. bias trimmed apron : Lizzieville 6 bias trimmed apron : Lizzieville 2 I made a medium (sizes 3-6) and it is plenty roomy on E.  Since the theme of Kid’s Clothes Week this time around was Wild Things I searched in my stash for some more animal fabric.  I came up with some more Heather Ross, this time two different bee-themed prints.  I had a fat quarter of each print and was able to squeeze this one out, just barely.  I love the vibrant colors although it’s definitely a bit wilder than my normal. bias trimmed apron : Lizzieville 5 I used skinnier-than-called-for bias tape and I like the more delicate look it created.  I hand finished most of the bias tape because I like how clean it looks.  I ran out of bias at the end so I just hemmed as usual.  Hopefully this will protect E’s clothes for the next three years. She’s such a busy artist these days and it’s so fun to watch her create. bias trimmed apron : Lizzieville 4 I think that’s it for Kid’s Clothes Week this time around.  Next up, some sewing for O.

26 thoughts on “KCW : bias-trimmed bee apron

    • Thanks, Rachel! This was a nice theme because I could fit it in with the patterns I was already planning to make. I loved your animal print dresses. I need to use up the knits in my stash so I can order some new, fun ones!

    • Oh thank you, Marisa! I thought it was going to be too wild but ended up liking the combination at the end. It’s also nice and bright so it should hide paint stains well!

    • Thank you! This was my first time with this pattern and so I added it to the Flickr group! I still have a long-range goal of sewing everything from the book but I’m on the very slow track… I think this brings me to 11 completed.

  1. oh i really love this! the colors are great and i love how you paired the two fabrics together. the green bias is perfect, it really pops. lila has outgrown her old art smock and i was considering trying this one, you’ve definitely put me over the edge!

    • Thanks, Gail! I was a little worried because this one doesn’t provide as much arm coverage. But E is usually careful enough to not need full-on smock coverage anymore. I look forward to seeing your version! If you don’t hand sew the bias it’s a nice fast sew.

  2. Wow — this smock is the bomb! These are some of my favorite fabrics, especially in the orange colorway. I’ve never made smock for my girls, but I may have to give it a try after seeing yours!

    • Thank you, Leslie! The previous smock was well used for messy meals, cooking projects, and art. I’m hoping this one gets a lot of use as well and I bet your girls would have fun with these. And it was nice to be able to make something with quarter yards of fabric!

  3. Ooooh, so cute!!! My kids prefer to make art naked (no, seriously!) so I haven’t felt the need for a smock, but perhaps as they grow older and more modest this might be actually helpful! LOL. I love your choice of fabrics here and I can see this being handy for cooking and gardening too! It has such an old timey feel to it, I want a cobbler’s apron like this!

    • I love the idea of naked art! It must save you so much laundry! I think our house is usually too cold for that but maybe with summer on its way! And yes, it should be good for cooking and all kinds of things.

  4. I love this apron pattern! I made it ages ago for N and I remember that it required a ton of bias tape. But it does produce a lovely cover-all apron, and can be used for years. I love your fabric choices and how the back is different from the front.

    • Thanks! I just eyeballed the bias tape and figured it would be enough. Next time I’ll measure! I do like how the bias tape finishes everything so cleanly.

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