Princess and the Pea Nightgown

E needed a spring nightgown.  I turned to my Japanese pattern books for ideas, as I think they tend to look like nightgowns more often than not.  I set E down with a stack of books and she picked out a few of interest.  We ended up with dress K from Sew Chic Kids in size 4.

nightgown : Lizzieville4

I added a ruffle to the bottom and took off the sleeves.  I should have used a size 6 for the bodice as it’s a tight squeeze getting on.  I should go back and enlarge the armholes so she can get in and out of this without help.  The skirt pieces were barely squeezed out of a yard of fabric.

nightgown : Lizzieville1

nightgown : Lizzieville 1

The main fabric is Heather Ross from the Far Far Away reprint.  I bought a bunch of Heather Ross fabrics to make E a quilt but then went for a yellow theme instead.  Now I’ve had fun using the fabric on other projects.  They are nicer than many other quilting cottons and I love the whimsical prints.  E picked out this Princess and the Pea themed fabric as it seemed appropriate for a nightgown.  I added the blue to balance out the big/bold print.

nightgown : Lizzieville3

She was thrilled to have a new nightgown and wore it right to bed.  Please excuse the post-sleeping wrinkles.  I take my pictures any way I can get them these days!

18 thoughts on “Princess and the Pea Nightgown

  1. I love this dress as a nightgown — what a great idea!
    My daughter has this fabric as the backing of the quilt on her bed. It has become such a fun part of bedtime 🙂

    • It’s a perfect quilt backing! I wasn’t sure what to do with the print since it’s so large (I always have trouble judging scale when buying online) but it worked out okay for a nightgown. Phew!

  2. what a great pattern for a nightgown (the ruffle is a great addition), and that fabric was obviously meant for sleeping in 🙂 – all around lovely!

    • Thank you! Somehow I’d never added that kind of ruffle to anything but I think it ups the nightgown factor. And it let me add length since I had no extra of the main fabric!

  3. The addition of the ruffle is perfect for the nightie transformation. brilliant! I need to remember to copy you on this one!
    Have you got any Yuki Araki Japanese patterns. She particularly says that she likes clothes to fit neatly. I always find her clothes patterns to be nicely tailored.

    • Thank you! It took a little Amazon sleuthing but it looks like I do have one of her books (it’s title and author are in Japanese). After looking back through it, I agree. Lots of nicely tailored clothes. I’ll have to move them up on my list!

  4. What a perfect nightgown!!!! I love absolutely everything about it. E is so lucky. Did you go back and do the armholes? I am so bad at going back and fixing things once I have made something. It just isn’t as much fun. I was thinking about the top we made together last year. I’d love to do another Japanese sewing pattern with you when I have my space set up if you have time. I do feel a little rusty with sewing kids clothes but want to do more 🙂

    • Well, honestly I haven’t done the armholes yet. My excuse is that E has worn it most nights and I sew at night usually. But really, I’m just not looking forward to undoing it 🙂 It was a pain the first time. I’m thinking of using some knit jersey for the facing/bias this time and see how that goes.

      And I’d love to do another sewing project together! I had E look through the book and they are a few she liked (skirt D, dress M, and the underslip S as a nightgown). When you get all set up let’s try something!!

      • wonderful – I’ll let you know. Do you go on Pinterest? you know how they pick things for you now? Well the art smock you made E was picked for me. I thought that was funny. I do love it.

        • Oh how funny! I wonder how it made it’s way to your feed! I don’t spend much time on Pinterest now- sometimes I pin new pattern ideas to keep track of them but I rarely look at my feed. I realized that I quickly become overwhelmed with new ideas. I have to stick with my list! 🙂

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