Mini mini hudson pants

I wanted to make these pants as soon as they were released.  But the sizing doesn’t start until 2T and E doesn’t wear pants anymore, so my mini hudson dream had to wait.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville7

But now O is wearing 2T pants and so I repurposed a sweatshirt (plus some kaufman laguna knit for trim) to make a pair.  The sweatshirt fabric did not have the required stretch and so these are quite tight on O’s chunky toddler legs.  The style is supped to be somewhat fitted at the bottom, but not to this extent.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville5

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville6

But even with a less than ideal fit these have been great pants.  They’ve held up to lots of wear and they were easy and fun to make.  And I just love those pockets!

So I made another pair.  For this one I used french terry knit (this but in navy).  I skipped the front tie (as I did above) and widened the leg of the pants a bit.  I also made the leg cuff skinnier.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville1

O has zero interest in standing still for pictures these days but I got a few shots while he helped in the garden, wearing a winter hat.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville3 mini hudson pants : Lizzieville2

This pair gives a bit more room but, looking back at the pattern pictures, not nearly as loose as designed.  I’ll probably size up to the 3T next time because this little guy just keeps growing.

15 thoughts on “Mini mini hudson pants

  1. Yes, but his little sausage calves in tight pants are SOOOOOO CUTE. I mean, I just want to nom nom nom on those chubbers legs! Yummy baby.

    • Yes! So yummy. The gray ones are kind of ridiculous on cloth diaper days but maybe he’ll thin out a little this year and these will fit for a while.

  2. Well that is just too much cuteness. And man, has he grown up! He’s practically ready for college now, right?! 🙂 I think his legs looks adorable in the pants.

  3. those are adorable, the gray and green are such a good combination. his little hand in the pocket is so sweet! that background looks awfully familiar – were you on the hood canal?

  4. These are just adorable- even if they’re a little snug. I’ve made a pair for each kid, and I’ll definitely size up as well next time. They were just right, but really with no room to grow.

    • Thank you! This is such a nice, wearable pattern. O still wears these two pairs but they are getting way too small, so I have the 3T traced to sew up next. Hopefully for KCW!

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