Little pouches

Just a little sewing project to share today.  These bags are made from the Lil cutie pouch tutorial by Anna Graham at Noodlehead.  These are the third and fourth pouches I’ve made this spring.  They are really fast.

lil pouch : Lizzieville 1

lil pouch : Lizzieville 6

The pouch is intended to hold a phone, money, makeup or other little things, with a key ring on the outside.  The original tutorial is from 2009 and phones have gotten bigger since then.  In order to fit a regular iPhone 6 inside, I enlarged the pieces of the black and white pouch a bit.  I also cut the lining of both pouches to be 1/4″ shorter than the exterior pieces because the linings bunched up at the bottom of the first two I made.

lil pouch : Lizzieville 2

lil pouch : Lizzieville 5

The black and white one is for my sister’s birthday, matching a bag I made for her a while back.  The other one will go to E’s preschool teacher.  I might make another pouch for myself or I might just dive in to a project in Anna’s new book.

lil pouch : Lizzieville 3

lil pouch : Lizzieville 4

Also, I thought it would be more fun to take pictures with the kids helping.  Ha!

10 thoughts on “Little pouches

  1. So cute!! What a sweet gift! Yeah, I’m totally intrigued by Anna’s new book too! Too many amazing projects, seriously, not enough time!!!!

    • Thank you, Mary! And thanks for visiting! I did make the dress. It’s a geranium dress from the Made By Rae pattern. It’s probably my all time favorite dress pattern- the fit is great and it comes with a few different options. This was actually her Christmas dress but it’s seen a lot of wear since.

    • Thank you! I’m working on a few KCW projects right now, including one for a preschool friend’s birthday coming up on Sunday. Nothing like a good deadline 🙂

    • Thank you, Rachel! And that dress, man has it been a good one. She wore it to preschool today and one of the buttons fell off but thankful it was found and I can sew it back on. I don’t know if I kept any scraps of the plaid fabric to cover another button so it would have been a sad loss!

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