KCW : sailboat set

0315-15-sum-button3 It’s Kid’s Clothes Week, summer edition!  I don’t really take part in many sewing challenges or sew alongs but this is one I really enjoy.  I’m starting off the week sharing something I finished up last week because my plan-trace-cut-sew-photograph cycle is really slow. Plus it’s Oliver + S sailboat top and pants, which fits so nicely with the traveling theme. Sailboat set : Lizzieville 7 The sailboat pants are a size 2T in Kaufman double cloth.  This is such lovely and soft fabric but it was not a great choice for these pants because it added a lot of bulk.  We’ll see how it wears.  I skipped the side vents due to a tracing error and didn’t make button holes, just sewed the buttons through all the layers. Sailboat set : Lizzieville 3 I’m having a little trouble figuring out the sizing on these pants.  O is currently wearing his old 18 month pair, this pair, and a size 3T passed down from his sister.  The rise is kind of screwy on all the pairs and they tend to fall off when he’s wearing disposable diapers.  But they do look pretty cute with his little belly. Sailboat set : Lizzieville 5 Sailboat set : Lizzieville 6 The style of the sailboat top never really caught my eye, but I figured I should give it a try. I repurposed an Old Navy tshirt and modified the size 2T pattern in a couple ways.  I slimmed the arms and reused the sleeve hems.  I eliminated the front hem facing and curve to be able to reuse the tshirt hem and also added 2+ inches to length.  I also used snaps at the shoulders instead of buttons.  You need to unsnap all the snaps to take this on and off and I’m hoping that the snaps will hold up better than buttonholes. Sailboat set : Lizzieville 8 Sailboat set : Lizzieville 2I was not expecting to like this shirt pattern.  But in the end I am much more satisfied with the shirt than the pants.  There’s just something cute about little boys in stripes, trying to sneak into the chicken coop.  Love this little guy. Sailboat set : Lizzieville 4 I have been putting in my hour of sewing a day and hope to report back soon with some other finished projects.

13 thoughts on “KCW : sailboat set

  1. He looks super adorable in his new outfit! That’s so weird about the pants, but they do look good. All the mods to the tee were definitely worth it!

  2. that is the cutest ensemble! it’s true about the sailboat pants, something is just a little off with the rise. but they’re so cute anyway! and that top is definitely made for stripes, it’s perfect!

  3. Wow, you had a prolific kids clothes week! I know I said it doesn’t get much cuter than your last post, but that belly! gah! Cuteness overload! O is a seriously cute kid! And hey, we might be getting chickens this fall!

    • Thank you! I need to do really figure out the best combination of stitches/needles/threads for my particular machine to hem knits well. Until then I get creative!

  4. What a perfect outfit! I first made this pattern almost a year ago and Stella has already outgrown the pants. They never really fit right but I just assumed that was me. He is so adorable.

    • Thank you! I remember your set and they were adorable. We’ve had a heat wave the past few weeks so neither piece has seen much wear. But I’m sure we’ll be back to colder weather soon enough. The pants fit seems to be wonky on lots of kids which is a bummer.

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