KCW : badminton dress turned nightgown

One last Kid’s Clothes Week project to share.


I bought the Oliver+S badminton skort/top/dress pattern for the skort.  The top/dress wasn’t quite my style so I had no plans to make it.  But somehow knowing that E was about to outgrow the pattern, I felt this urge to sew up all the options.  I figured that a simplified version of the dress would work well as a summer nightgown.

badminton nightgown : lizzieville

badminton nightgown : lizzieville 2

This is a size 4 with added width and length, no hem facing/scallops, and no bow detail across the bodice.  I really love the little shoulder ruffles.  The fabric is Botanica from Felicity Miller.  The colors and print are lovely but I miss the lightweight drape of the Heather Ross fabrics I’ve been working with lately.

badminton nightgown : lizzieville 1 badminton nightgown : lizzieville 3 badminton nightgown : lizzieville 4

Even with the added length this dress is on the short side, although just fine for a summer nightgown.  I can definitely move into the size 5 Oliver+S patterns now.  I’ve been saving up a few patterns in the larger size range and it will be fun to pull them out come fall.

badminton nightgown : lizzieville 5

I think that’s all for Kid’s Clothes Week, although we do have a sudden need for some new summer hats.  And I’m trying another sewing project for myself, after seeing all the fantastic Me Made May creations last month. We shall see!

16 thoughts on “KCW : badminton dress turned nightgown

  1. i really like this as a nightgown! i bought this pattern in the smaller size range and never got around to it, now i wish i had. hats are next on my list, too – it’s suddenly really sunny! good luck on your project for you, i look forward to seeing it!

    • Thank you! I bought so many pattern in the smaller size range. I don’t know what I was thinking! So many will be unused or underused. Oh well, glad this one got a little love. I look forward to your hats!

  2. I really like how you adapted the pattern to make the perfect summer nightie. The colors are soothing and the gown looks so comfortable and pretty on your daughter.

    • Thank you, Kristin! I totally understand why O+S makes things in two size ranges, but it is also a bummer in cases like this. I’m glad the simplification worked. It was a lot faster than as-written, too!

    • Thanks, Leslie! I’m never sure how my pattern modifications will turn out, but I was pleased with this one. We’re in the middle of some hot weather (or at least hot for Seattle) so I’m glad I got this one made.

    • Thank you! By keeping it simple the pattern came together quickly. I’m realize that I like simple for speed of sewing and for the look of the finished product!

    • Thank you! This one turned out well. Makes me happy every time it gets worn. Although I need to add a little tag to the back because without the tie the back and front look nearly the same. The white yoke pieces was kind of fiddly but otherwise this was a really fun sew!

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