Bucket hats, take 3

This is my third summer making Oliver+S bucket hats.  This year I made size large for both kids as they outgrew the size mediums from previous years.  O’s head is large for his age, but this pattern also seems to consistently run small.  I made the hats identical (andover chambray on one side, white with black dots on the other) as O loves hats but would always prefer to take E’s hat off her head.  I’m hoping that matching hats might make sharing easier.

bucket hats : Lizzieville 3

I added one inch to both brims to get a bit more sun protection.  I didn’t have any sew-in interfacing so I used fusible fleece for the brim and also used some lightweight interfacing on the crown.  These hats are so big, I felt they needed a bit of extra structure.

bucket hats : Lizzieville 5 bucket hats : Lizzieville 2

I used the no-handstitch method from A Little Gray and it worked like a charm.  Normally I’m a big fan of hand stitching but loved the machine finish here.

bucket hats : Lizzieville 1 bucket hats : Lizzieville 6

The kids will probably reach for other, store-bought hats most of the summer.  These tend to fly off in the wind or with much movement and they’re fairly heavy and hot compared with the nice fast-drying and lightweight fabrics from our REI hats.  But for now, matching hats are pretty fun.

bucket hats : Lizzieville 4

16 thoughts on “Bucket hats, take 3

  1. Love those big, floppy shady brims. My son, at 7, has probably already outgrown this pattern. Not sure what I’ll do next summer, it’s been such a staple…
    Cute idea making the interchangeable and ownerless.

  2. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! O’s expression in that last photo!!! He’s really growing up fast (Maggie will be 3 this Thursday, can you believe it?). I love all of the bucket hats you’ve made. Joe loves to wear his baseball caps (like Dad), but Maggie generally hates hats. Recently she asked for a hat though …

    • O totally cracks us up, all the time. He’s such a sweet goofball and always on the go. And three? I remember reading the posts when Maggie was born. Crazy! And she probably needs a bucket hat. Or a bonnet? I think my kids would like baseball hats. I wonder if there are any good patterns. Or maybe that’s just something better to buy. I wonder how they stiffen the brim?

  3. I love these.
    The tutorial is the same one I use, it is a much speedier method.
    If I get time to make a couple of these over the summer then I will be happy. Boo really prefers a cap now though. If you do manage to find a pattern I would be interested. I have tried a Heidi & Finn pattern (Uptown Hat, I think) that has a brim. Great pattern but nowhere to anchor a ponytail!

    • Yes- so happy I tried the no-sew tutorial. I actually think it gives a cleaner finish, which hardly ever happens with machine vs hand! I made the uptown (or downtown maybe?) hat and thought it was cute. Maybe worth me revisiting, although you’re right about the lack of ponytail hole!

  4. adorable!!!! The hats and kids are so cute. I’d love to make another one for my son but the large is already too small. He does have a big head. I hope you are having a great summer.

    • Thank you! I can’t even imagine how big O’s head will be when he’s Luke’s age, but the bucket hat will definitely be out! I hope that you’re enjoying summer in your new place.

  5. Those are some very cute faces peeking out under some very cute hats! I have mine cut out but still haven’t sewn them…i need to get on it, thanks for reminding me! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks Gail! Making two at the same time wasn’t as slow and painful as I was imagining. I’m excited to see what fabrics you used for your hats!

  6. Great idea adding width to the brims! I’m going to try that next time I make these hats.
    And, chambray is a great choice — they’ll go with everything.

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