Strawberry hopscotch

Just in time for a Strawberry Festival visit, a strawberry dress for E.  This is an Oliver + S hopscotch dress in a Heather Ross knit.  I made this dress one time before and after rereading my notes and the comments I remembered how small this pattern runs.  I decided to buy the bigger size range and sew up a size 6 (rather than the lengthened size 4 I’ve been sewing lately). hopscotch : lizzieville 1 I didn’t make any changes to the pattern except to bind the sleeves with a little cuff instead of hemming.  I also skipped the interfacing on the front because I didn’t have the correct kind on hand.  This made the front a bit floppy and the seam allowance doesn’t like to lie flat.  In the future I might add a little piping/trim along that seam.  Or perhaps topstitch?  Now that I have the pattern thought size 12 I have plenty of time to experiment. hopscotch : lizzieville 4 I did notice that the stitches on the bottom hem have already pulled out in a few places.  I need to figure out the best combination of needle, stitch setting, and threads.  Mostly I just want to buy a coverstitch machine.  I often admire the lovely stitching on our store-bought shirts and wish I could recreate those finishes. hopscotch : lizzieville 5 hopscotch : lizzieville 6 A simple little dress, perfect for play.

18 thoughts on “Strawberry hopscotch

  1. I am with you wishing for a coverstitch machine! I have a love-hate relationship with a twin needle. The dress is lovely. and it looks or so comfy! Perfect for picking strawberries, or just monkeying around 🙂 I have a pattern for a knit dress that requires stretch interfacing, and I just can’t find any. Someone suggested that understitching or topstitching might do the trick. I will have to check it! Or wait and see if it will do the trick next time you use this pattern 😉

    • Jenya Spotlight usually have some, just the staff may not always know what it is. It looks more gridlike than regular interfacing and has a degree of two way stretch. Let me know if you can’t find any and I’ll post you some.
      Sorry for hijacking your comments Lizzieville!

      • Yes, the twin needle is definitely love hate for me! I think topstitching would be nice on this particular pattern. Hopefully you can find the right interfacing, Jenya! And thanks for the suggestions Shelley- no worry on hijacking! It would be nice if O+S patterns gave the suggested code on interfacing (SF whatever and the like) like they do on the bag patterns I’ve made.

  2. Very cute. I’ve eyed that pattern for awhile now. I’m using the same fabric for a CINO lulu dress right now. BTW – is that Lincoln Park? Such a great place for photos!

    • Thanks! I bet that would be a very cute lulu dress. You know I have all the CINO patterns and really should get my act together on trying one. The pictures were actually taken on Vashon Island, so just across the water from Lincoln Park! We love Lincoln Park and you’re right, it’s a great place for pictures.

  3. What a beautiful dress!!! I think I have this pattern but have never made it. It really looks wonderful and E looks like she has grown this summer too.

    • She does look grown up, huh. Kindergarten in September! This was a very fast dress to sew so that was nice. And the skirt pattern that comes with is sweet. I actually made one this spring and it has somehow gone missing before I got any pictures. I can’t figure out where it got misplaced- it’s driving me crazy!

  4. It’s lovely! A strawberry festival sounds wonderful!
    Looks like you got the sizing spot on and I afore that little sleeve cuff. It perfectly complements the neck band.
    If you’re hemming with a double needle, have you tried woolly nylon in the bobbin? I find using that, plus a bobbin casing with the tension backed right off, and a moderately long stitch length gives me great hems that aren’t popping.
    Doesn’t mean I don’t want a coverstitch machine too!

    • Thanks- it felt crazy to sew a size 6! I got some woolly nylon at your suggestion but haven’t figured out the right tension to use it with the double needle. I need to try it again because it’s probably the winning combination! Or a overstitch machine which I’m now seriously considering 🙂

  5. This is the perfect fabric for a Hopscotch dress! My girls would love one.
    I have used cuffs as an arm binding before and actually prefer the look. I second Shelley’s suggestion of using woolly nylon thread in the bobbin. I tried it after reading a guide on made-by-rae and would never hem knits without it now. It is brilliant!

    • Thank you! The cuffs worked well, although I might try to topstitch them or use a wider binding because they like to flip up and show the stitching. And I’ll have to try out the woolly nylon again after unpicking the old hem.

  6. You know you’re addicted to sewing when … you find yourself admiring shirt finishings at Target …

    I’m with ya, sister!!! 🙂 I want a coverstitch machine too!!

    I love this pattern, but yes, it runs really small, right? I’ve noticed that on Maggie too. I should try it in a much larger size minus the length, kind of the opposite of my usual smaller size with more length approach, huh? Perfect in this fabric.

    • You understand me so well, Inder! I’ve even bought some things just so I could figure out how they were made. The size 6 is actually pretty short on E but at least the bodice fits well.

    • Thanks! I do like the band and it would be fun on a print/band combo with more contrast. I also just saw a Tea Collection dress that was similar but with flutter sleeves. I might give that a try next spring.

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