Kindergarten backpack

Summer has been very slow on the sewing front.  We’ve spent some time camping and vacationing and without preschool I’ve found my free time to be limited.  But E is starting kindergarten this year and she’d long ago picked out fabric for a new backpack. With a kindergarten orientation camp looming, I got to work.

backpack : lizzieville 3

E used this backpack for preschool and while it is a darling pattern it is quite small.  So this time around I used the Made By Rae Toddler Backpack pattern.  The main fabric is a lovely canvas from the Acorn Trail Line.  I also used denim, salmon/pinkish shot cotton, navy blue webbing, cream colored piping, and this metal zipper.

backpack : lizzieville 7

backpack : lizzieville 5I made a few changes to the pattern.  I increased the size (following directions included in the pattern) so it would fit a normal folder.  To add structure I used fusible fleece or interfacing on all exterior pieces.  I also felt the backpack needed pockets, so I added exterior and interior pockets from the Noodlehead Sidekick tote pattern.  I also sewed the lining in by hand.

backpack : lizzieville 6 backpack : lizzieville 4

With fleece, canvas, denim, and piping to sew through I had to take things slowly in a few places.  But my heavy-duty machine was a champ and made it through.  There wasn’t anything tricky about this pattern but it was a slow project- I spent a couple of late nights trying to get it finished up in time for E’s kindergarten camp this week.  It does feel nice to send her off to a new place with something I made.  Because kindergarten.  I’m kind of in shock.

backpack : lizzieville 8

21 thoughts on “Kindergarten backpack

  1. E is going to start Kindergarten in style for sure with this backpack! The fabric she chose is one of my favorites, too 🙂
    I was hoping to make a backpack for my soon to be Kindergartner (by soon, I mean this coming Monday!!!), but it just didn’t happen.
    You did such a great job, and it’ll be so nice for her to have something made by you with her all day long!

    • I love this line of fabric and wish I’d picked up some more, especially the knits. Happy first day of kindergarten to your family! And if this backpack doesn’t survive we’ll be buying the next one 🙂

    • Thank you! I love pockets. Although E’s already told me that the pockets are too small because neither fit her pencil box. If there’e ever a next time I’m making notes of additional features.

  2. This is fantastic. We’ve been using the LTTS backpack for kinder but I am on the lookout fir the right pattern for the next “big kid” backpack. Love this with the piping and the fabric is so sweet. Happy kindergarten. It’s just the best time!

    • Thanks! This one seems to fit a bit better than the LTTS one (straps are higher) but I wish there were more “big kid” features in the pattern such as different pockets.

  3. Kindergarten!! So exciting! Great backpack fabric and those extra pockets will definitely come in handy. This pattern is a lot of work, but so worth it. It’s perfect!

    • Thank you! I’m happy it all came together after figuring out the changes and trying to gather all the supplies. I first bought the wrong size zipper so that slowed the project down a bit. Now after reading your post I realized I should consider sewing a first day dress. Or at least a first week dress!

  4. Love it!!!! And the fusible fleece – GENIUS! I am so not a bag-maker, but I really want to learn more about it. Your backpack looks GREAT. Love the pocket, love it all! Joe starts kindergarten on Monday (gasp!) and I let him choose a backpack at Target this time around.

    • Thank you! I remembered your struggles with Maggie’s adorable squid backpack and didn’t feel so badly about wrestling with the different layers. I’ve learned a lot about bags from working through some of Anna Graham’s patterns but there’s so much more to learn about interfacing and hardware options.

  5. How did I miss this blog post? I just saw your bag on Flickr (which I rarely go on now but that will change) and I maybe shrieked because I love this bag so much! I really love the fabrics – they are so sweet. I bought Stella a backpack (purple and Frozen themed-ugh!) she picked out this year but I now wish I had made one. My oldest is going to Kindergarten this year. I cried when I read the lovely letter his teacher mailed. And my littlest is going to preschool every day. I’m heartbroken but I plan to fill that whole with lots of sewing 🙂

    • Thank you! I really liked the fabrics she picked, which is partly why I stuck with it to get the dang thing made! These school changes are so huge, aren’t they. E doesn’t start for another week so we’re packing in a little more summer.

  6. Wow this is gorgeous! It’s so unique and beautiful! I had no idea this print came in canvas! How awesome! It makes me want to make some small tote bags for the kids for their piano and library books!

    • Thanks, Rachel! Excited for kindergarten to finally start tomorrow (hopefully- contract negotiations are still going on). I love the idea of a small tote bag. Bags are so nice for using up little bits of fabric. Noodlehead has a few free bag patterns and I think O+S has at least one.

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