Finally, some swingset skirts

I’ve had my eye on the Oliver+S swingset skirt for so many years.  But E had other skirts that she wasn’t outgrowing (skirts have a ridiculously long life compared to other articles of clothing, I’ve found) and so I just never got around to buying the pattern until now.  My pattern only goes up to size 5 so I knew I needed to get moving.  But I was happy to see that the pattern was rereleased yesterday (going up to size 14), so there can be more swingset skirts in our future.

swingset skirt : lizzieville 7

Both skirts are a size 5 with one inch of added length.  E prefers to wear her skirts low on her waist so the extra length was probably not necessary but should extend the wear.  The first one I made is purple corduroy with a lightweight white cotton for the lining.

swingset skirt : lizzieville 3

This is a simple pattern and my only problem was getting the elastic evenly distributed around the skirt.  It tended to bunch up on whatever side I’d inserted the elastic through but I’m hoping the ribbon covers up some of the bunching.  I think the ribbon is a cute feature but they are constantly coming undone.  I may need to just tack a little bow or ribbon in place because E is always fiddling with them.  Any hints on elastic or ribbon would be welcome.

swingset skirt : lizzieville 2

swingset skirt : lizzieville 4

swingset skirt : lizzieville 5

The other skirt is a Robert Kaufman shirting (same as the nightgown I made here).  I used the same fabric for the lining pieces because it’s what I had on hand and I’m really trying to get my fabric stash down to a couple bins.

swingset 2 : lizzieville1 swingset 2 : lizzieville2

In other news, this gal is finally a kindergartener.  Schools were delayed with a strike, pushing our already late start date even later.  E is exhausted but happy.  We miss having her around but we are settling into our new routine.  And I’m also looking forward to having a bit more sewing time after a busy summer.

19 thoughts on “Finally, some swingset skirts

  1. Those are so cute on her! I am such a huge fan of this pattern (so great about the new sizes!), and I love it in corduroy for fall. I will admit though, I’ve ended up pulling the ribbon out of just about every single Swingset skirt I’ve made. They never stay tied, and if you double knot them or tie them too tightly, they can’t get the skirt off by themselves. But I like your idea of just tacking a bow there, because the ribbon does add a cute detail. I’m not sure about the elastic, but I’ve always found that stretching the finished waistband a few times in different directions helps distribute the elastic more evenly. And you’re right, skirts have the longest lifespan ever – Lila still wears skirts I made a full two years ago! So glad E is enjoying kindergarten, such an exciting milestone 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenya! Hopefully E will be wearing these skirts for a while to come. Although skirts are so fast and satisfying to make that she may have way too many in her closet soon.

  2. Holy cow she looks like you in that last picture! And she is so clearly a kindergartner now-so old! I love the skirts, and I’m not site how you feel about skirts with pants/leggings underneath, but for some reason I think that purple corduroy would look adorable with jeans underneath.

    • I need to pull out some of my old pictures- people keep commenting on E’s similarity to me and I just can’t see it. But I agree- she does look so ready for school now. E refuses to wear pants unless they are leggings with a skirt on top, so you may be on to something! I’ll see if she takes my suggestion for jeans+purple skirt 🙂

  3. What lovely skirts and she’s looking so grown up and pretty.
    I’d just traced off the size 5 thinking it was now or never as well. I found the ribbon always came undone on mine too. I think a grosgrain ribbon or twill tape, cotton tape or a bias tube is the way to go to get it stay done up. I recall seeing a great one with beads on the ties.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to try out some of your other ribbon suggestions for the next size up. I was also thinking of splicing in a piece of elastic to the middle of the ribbon (I think the sandbox pants uses this maybe?) so that it could be double-knotted but still have some stretch for getting on and off.

  4. So pretty!!!!! I totally have the same problems with Joe and any kind of drawstring – he can’t resist playing with it, and then if it gets tied, he complains he can’t get the time of clothing off! I either skip them entirely or do a decorative version. Real drawstrings are for the birds … or adults, anyway! I love this skirt and I am excited about the larger size range. My niece would loooooove this skirt!

    • Thanks, Inder! This seems like a nice gift skirt pattern- pretty easy to guess waist sizes and all. And drawstring ties- ugh! I’m about to make O a couple pairs of pants with drawstrings and I’ll probably just skip them or modify somehow.

    • Thanks, Rachel! I can imagine this being a lovely skirt on your girls! We ended up being 6 school days late, but since we were slatted to start on September 9th already it really pushed things back. I completely supported the teachers but I was also so ready to move back into school mode!

    • Thank you! I think chambray would be lovely and would match so nicely with everything. Kaufman has a blue with white dots chambray that I was thinking of using if/when I get around to making another skirt. The corduroy does feel very fall-ish though, so that’s fun.

  5. so adorable!!!!! I just saw a swingset skirt on IG this morning and thought maybe I should buy the pattern. Now I know I should. I really love the purple corduroy. I’m so glad E is happy with Kindergarten. Is it full day where you live? It is in my town but the school I work in is only 1/2 day.

    • Thanks! I was worried about the corduroy because of the way the skirt is cut (it’s almost a circle shape) but it worked out okay! Kindergarten here is pretty much full day. You have to pay at some schools (not ours) and you can send your kid half-day by picking what parts of the day you want them to go, but it’s not set up for half-day kids. Which is too bad in some ways, as E is so tried by the long day.

  6. These are so sweet – I especially like the fine-wale corduroy for fall. I tried the elastic-spliced-into-ribbon approach for a swingset skirt that I made, but ended up pulling it out – my E just cannot leave the ribbons alone and is constantly fiddling with them (trying to wrap them around her ear, tie stuffed animals to them, put them in her mouth. Fortunately the skirts are still cute without the ribbon!

    • Good to know! I may try the no-ribbon option next time. I just made my son some pants and just eliminated the drawstring in the pattern because I knew it would cause trouble. Thanks for stopping by!

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